Grado SR80i On-Ear Headphones
Grado SR80i On-Ear Headphones

Grado fans can now look forward to a price cut! Grado’s UK distributor Armour Home announced recently that its entire range of headphones will be receiving a price cut.

The Grado SR80i open-back headphones which won a What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Award this year are now £35 cheaper. While these headphones might not be for public use, its pure sound quality and reasonable price tag wins you over in a second. While its performance is top-notch, this pair of headphones does come with an open-backed design that leaks music so much that people might think it is a ringtone.

These headphones sound awesomely detailed, musical, natural and simply beautiful. These are perfect for home listening but you would certainly think twice about taking them onto the train with you.

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