The mining industry is one of the last to benefit from the implementation of modern-day technology but is perhaps the industry with the most to gain. With a number of technologies aiming to increase efficiency, and maintain the safety of employees, this new year could change the industry for the better. In this article, we will be taking a more in-depth look at the mining industry, as well as some of the technology being used to make it more efficient than ever.

Automated Machinery

One of the biggest benefits of safety and productivity in the mining industry is through the use of a surface drilling rig by Sandvik. With a control center linked to the machine, this can be controlled remotely without any form of lag. This is great for productivity as well as overall safety as there is less exposure to the dust and vibrations that can cause damage to overall health when using this type of machinery to mine below the surface.

The Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence

In addition to the use of automated machinery machine learning is has helped to transform the mining industry for the better. With the analysis of data helping to limit the environmental damage of the industry, this has helped to streamline the process and extract the most amount of raw material from the ground. In addition to this, artificial intelligence can also be used to manage transport as well as work within supply chain management to reduce the risk of human error and increase overall efficiency when it comes to the extraction and processing of raw materials directly from the plant.

Improved Connectivity

Connectivity is crucial when looking to improve productivity as every part of the plant needs to work together. One of the ways that the mining industry is improving this is through the use of the internet of things. With a central hub providing information to other mining plants up and down the country, mining companies can streamline the reporting process as well as share information though an internal platform. With the internet of things, there is also the possibility to send information remotely as well as control machinery over the internet. This, therefore, helps to improve productivity as all information is sent autonomously thus reducing the risk of human error.

3D Imaging Technology

Though the process of seismic surveys is not new, the use of 3d imaging technology helps to improve efficiency and helps to better understand special awareness. This used to create a 3D map of the site. This is beneficial for safety officers, ventilation engineers and geologists working on a site as this allows for a risk assessment to be conducted quickly using the relevant information allowing for all risks to be assessed. Additionally, this can help to put together a £D map of the area showing the risk to the surrounding area.

With this in mind, technology in all its forms can benefit the mining industry by increasing safety and overall productivity regardless of the raw material that is being extracted. But which of these will be the most used technology this year?