Basketball games are regular and frequent, unlike football matches. But, despite this, football bets remain the most sought-after and most popular among bookmakers Basketball odds. This is due to the fact that, most often, the games of the key leagues are held approximately once a week on the weekend. Therefore, the players have time to analyze the teams and make their predictions for the match.

But in the world of basketball, there is not so much time for a detailed study of team compositions and the physical condition of players. The top football leagues have approximately 600 games. But the NBA championship has about 2,100 games, so you can earn a lot more money here.

Advantages of basketball betting

When considering basketball bets, you can highlight the main advantages that favorably distinguish them against the background of bets on other sports:

  • Unlike football, basketball matches almost never end in a draw. Therefore, in fact, there are only two possible outcomes of the game. Accordingly, the chances of winning are significantly higher.
  • NBA high limits. This league is popular with many players, especially US residents. Bookmakers who want to stay ahead of their competitors create the most comfortable conditions for games by offering their users generous betting limits. This is especially evident on the sites of Western bookmakers.
  • Regularity of matches. Each basketball team participates in 2-4 matches per week. This allows you to get detailed statistics for more accurate analysis and predictions of game results.

Disadvantages of basketball betting

Among the disadvantages of betting on this sport can be noted:

  • Low limits and odds on matches of European leagues and teams. Unlike the NBA, the popularity of basketball in Europe is much lower. Accordingly, due to low demand, the odds for such matches will be lowered. This makes betting less profitable.
  • Insufficient amount of information provided by the bookmaker. Most bookmakers do not provide detailed match descriptions on their sites, and some only provide the basic result. This information will not be enough for beginners.

Analysis of matches

Due to the fact that the main composition of the basketball team consists of only five people, it is much easier to analyze such matches than football matches. Due to frequent matches, more information is accumulated, which makes it possible to create more accurate forecasts.

In order to analyze the rate, it is necessary to take into account the following main factors:

  1. The current composition of the teams and the physical condition of the players. Due to the regularity of the matches, this indicator is very easy to track. The games are held 3-4 times a week, so the Internet provides a lot of up-to-date information about the team’s form. You also need to study the statistics of home and away matches separately and familiarize yourself with the last few games of the opponents.
  2. History of face-to-face meetings. It is a very important indicator because the result of the last few meetings can provide more relevant information than the data from dozens of last confrontations during the season.
  3. Place in the league table. In many ways, the outcome of the match depends on the motivation of the teams. Before placing a bet, it is necessary to analyze what each team expects from the upcoming confrontation. If the club does not have tournament challenges, the players may not be motivated, which may affect the score of the game.
  4. The composition of the players. Due to the frequent games in basketball, injured or disqualified players are a common phenomenon. Therefore, to increase the chances of a successful outcome of the bet, you should monitor the composition of the opposing teams.
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