A phone call from an unknown number can be worrying for some, and at the same time irritating. There are times when we get fraudulent calls or calls from the credit card company and we cannot identify their number. To figure out the identity of such callers there are various reverse phone lookup apps that you can use.

In normal cases, we look up for the person’s number by their name. However, when we use reverse phone number lookup apps, you can know the name of the person using their number. Also, there are some apps or websites that also figure out the location of the caller amongst some other information. But only some of the apps available provide accurate results. Here is the list of the best applications that will help you dodge these unwanted calls.

10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Apps

There are various apps available in the market that helps you track down a person calling you. You just have to enter the phone number and hit the search button.


It’s not possible that you wouldn’t have heard about the TrueCaller app. It is one of the most popular and most used apps to search for unknown phone numbers. The TrueCaller application is compatible with both web and smartphone platforms. So whenever you get a call from an unknown number the TrueCaller app drops you a notification with the name of the caller. In case you do not install the app on your device, you can also search for the number and the country where they are residing using the TrueCaller webpage.

The app boasts a collection of more than 1.6 billion phone numbers of people residing all over the world. So if you get a lot of calls from strangers, install this app so that next time you receive a call from an unknown number you know who it is!


Another recommended phone number search service in reverse form is the WhitePages app. Just like the previous app, the WhitePages app is also free of cost. You can access it from both the app and its web platform. This reverse lookup service was founded in 1997 and holds the contact details of more than 200 billion people across the USA.

You can easily find the contact details of a person and their address. Just open their site and enter the phone number. The name and address of the person will be displayed. Not only a regular search this app also allows you to perform the search using the name of the person. You can also perform a regular search by putting up the person’s name. And in case you are accessing the contact book through their website you can also use the reverse address search feature to find the address of the person you are looking for.

Reverse Phone Lookup

The Reverse Phone Lookup service is specifically designed for those who always get bothered by calls from an unknown number. If you also get a lot of calls from marketing services or credit cards and want to figure out their identity, then this reverse phone lookup service will help you. It just needs you to give the number from which you are getting the call. It will search for the name of the person for you.

Also, the app searches for the location where the number was registered. So you can know the owner’s address along with a complete map location. Isn’t it great? The app is known to produce quality results and at the same time, it is quite easy to use. But on the other hand, you might feel a bit disappointed as it doesn’t support the reverse address searches and the regular lookup services as well.

Number Guru

If you are living in the States, then the Number Guru app can help you find the identity of the person calling you. As an input, this app will only take phone numbers. After you enter the number, just hit the Search button and the app will get all the details of the caller. The Number Guru app performs a reverse lookup operation to find the details of the number given, along with the location, city, and other important information of the caller.

It is a completely free service and gives relevant information. So if you feel suspicious about a number, you can use this service and mark the number as spam as well. Also in case, some other user has marked the number as spam you will be able to know that too. If some other user has reported the number, the NG app will make you aware of it. The app holds information of 100% landline numbers and even supports Verizon Wireless numbers in the US.


We all are aware of the Yellow Pages. But looking into this massive dictionary can be tiresome and ineffective. So we have an app called AnyWho that provides you with all the details of the person using the reverse phone lookup operation, by using the Yellow Pages. The tool allows you to look up both landline and mobile numbers on their site.

So as soon as you enter the number, the service will provide you with the name of the person whose name is registered with the number. Just like other apps the AnyWho app also shows the location of the caller on the map. If you are looking for a tool that can give you some specific information about the unknown person, then you can try AnyWho.


Intelius is another lookup service that works on the search algorithm that scans through different people and phone’s directories to obtain the information on a particular number. It is free to use phone number search app that you can use if you’re suspicious of the person calling you. There are chances that the unknown number is of a friend who is playing a prank on your or a colleague, or a complete stranger. In all such cases, this app will be very useful to know more about the person just by their phone number.

Another feature of Intelius is that you can give the first and last name of a person along with their current address and the site will perform a detailed search across the web and the directories to find the person and provide you with the number registered under the given name.

Mr. Number

The next reverse phone number lookup tool is Mr. Number which aware of the calls from fraudulent and scammers by automatically detecting them. You can even block the phone numbers of marketing agencies that trouble you to sell their product or service.

Mr. Number also marks the hidden and unknown numbers and lets you block them. You can even mark such numbers as spam. And just like other apps and tools, it also saves the information given by you and next time whenever someone else looks up for this record, it makes them aware. So this tool basically aims to identify the fraudulent and fake callers from the authentic ones. For this, it works on the auto phone number lookup operation.

TruthFinder Phone Lookup

The TruthFinder Phone lookup app is the safest lookup service. It is one of the well-known services and so it is recommended by almost everyone. Depending upon your usage of the Internet, this app makes use of various search engine algorithms. Unlike others, this app makes use of social media platforms as well to track down people.

So you do not only get the name and other details of the person calling you, but you can also check out the photos and videos of the concerned person on various social media sites. And apart from this, the app provides you with the usual information like carrier name, demographic data, and the location coordinates of the phone number. Therefore we can say that this service also helps us to reconnect to our old friends and family members.

Phone Registry

Phone Registry is another service that you can use to look up any number. This is different from the other as you will have to complete a registration procedure to track any person via their name or phone number. The app gathers information from millions of phone records and provides you with the data you ask for.

The phone registry works on the reverse phone number lookup strategy and carries out several investigations to find out the complete information about the unknown number that you provide. Not only the name and number, but you can also get in-depth information about anyone using this app. There is only one downside of this application, that is it is available only for the US residents. And you can have unlimited access to it for 5 days only.

Instant Checkmate

The last service that you can use to search who is calling you with the help of a phone number is the Instant Checkmate app. The app seemed to attract a lot of followers online as it has access to over 30 diversified sources from which it attains the data. It has a background checking tool that it uses to check the public records available. It happens to provide you with the most relevant information that it can get.

And one of the most interesting features is that if you are doubtful about a person’s identity you can even check their criminal activity here. Yes, with Instant Checkmate you get instant access to the criminal directories and database if they have the number you are looking for. You can just find the name of the person and their location. With its basic version, you can get all the information that one might need however with the premium version you can enjoy some extra set of features as well.

Few More Phone Number Identifier App

Wrapping Up

Now you know what to do whenever you get a call from an unknown number, right? I hope that you will find one of these apps really useful to track down any number. In case we have missed out on your favorite app, then let us know in the comment section.

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