With a busy schedule and work pressure, the current generation hardly sits in front of the television or visit a stadium to watch their favorite sports. With this fast-moving life and advanced technology, a lot of sport streaming sites have emerged on the internet, which are doing a great job of providing live streams of sports matches across the world.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people out there who love watching sports. I have seen a lot of crazy fans of Cricket, Football, etc. So, to make their task simpler, we have found out some websites to watch sports online. All you need is to access these websites and you can start watching your favorite match anytime, anywhere.

Best Sports Streaming Sites
Best Sports Streaming Sites 2021

If you are one of the many people who are looking for the best sports streaming sites, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be sharing a list of some of the best sports streaming sites that provides you with live sports streaming on your laptop or smartphone.

Best Sports Streaming Sites 2021

There are tons of website out there which lets you stream your favorite sports online. But some of them either paid or they are filled with lots of irritating advertisements.  So, after long research, we have found 15 best websites to watch sports online without any interruption.

1. Batmanstream


Talking about sports streaming sites and not mentioning Batmanstream will make this list feel incomplete. More than 15 million people every month are landing up on batmanstream to watch their favorite sports match. You can watch live football, rugby, NBA, and NHL streams and chat with the other viewers in the chat section.

2. CricFree

cricfree sports streaming sites

Cricfree has a simple yet user-friendly interface that other sites do not have or might not have. The homepage shows a schedule with the present hour, the following hour and the upcoming weekend. The landing page has all of the games in the form of a list with its icon on the left side, and when the user clicks on the game, he wishes to stream, a set of four links appears which can be used to stream the sports match.

3. Vipbox

Another great sports streaming site with a fantastic and simplistic user interface that can easily let you select the sport you want to stream without any hassle. It also has a clock on the homepage which can be changed according to the region.

vipbox sports

The site keeps changing its domain, therefore, remembering or finding the place after a few weeks might become a difficult job for you, and as per the viewers, Vipbox is not such a good option for baseball lovers. If you are into baseball, maybe the other sites in the list will help you.

4. Stream2watch.ru

Stream2watch is probably one of the biggest sport streaming sites out there that provides a lot of sports to stream for free. The site claims to be legal and hosts no content on its own servers but fetches links from different sites.



You can stream boxing, cricket, football, baseball, F1, Rugby and much more on this site in high definition. Although there are no ads on the site, there is one pop-up ad every time you click on the streaming link.

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5. VIPLeague

Adding another fantastic sports streaming site to the list, VIPLeague provides a beautiful and simple user interface. You can choose the match you want to stream by clicking on the icon of the desired game.

Upon selecting any game, a time schedule of the live or upcoming matches is displayed, which is quite amazing to set up reminders and refrain from missing your favorite game.


There are some issues while streaming some matches, full HD 1080p streaming requires you to create an account, and you will have to enter your card details too. Also, check out How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

The site has multiple mirror sites as the original domain has been banned in many countries due to illegal content streaming. I would suggest you use a reliable VPN service while streaming any match on this site.  

6. Sony LIV Sports

One of the most prominent contents streaming sites, Sony LIV, provides sports streaming, live TV, movies and much more. Although it is not entirely free to use and has a premium version which costs around Rs 29 for seven days that is around 40 cents which is quite affordable, you can pay with PayPal or amazon pay, both of them are secure for international payments.

sony liv

Sony LIV has its own app for iOS and Android; therefore, you can watch a live sports match on your smartphone too. The site is not blocked in any region and has no ads.

7. StreamSport

StreamSport is a huge football streaming site that allows you to watch live football matches in great quality. The site has a simple user interface and fewer ads that degrade the user experience.

watch live sports online

The site provides dozens of streaming links for every match. Therefore, the chances of missing a goal become less. There is a small indicator below every link that will let you know if the link is still working.

The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t ask you to register an account or provide card details for high-quality streaming. Overall, Streamsport is a perfect site for streaming football matches.

8. SportLemons

Sportlemons is a new competitor in the race of best sports streaming sites but definitely a worthy competitor. The user interface of the site is quite simple with the right bar that shows an advertisement. Mainstream sports such as F1 racing, boxing, cricket, Soccer is free to stream on SportLemons.

sport lemon

There were no pop-up ads as of writing, and you don’t have to sign up for an account to stream the live sports match. Overall, the site is pretty good for streaming sports matches. There are numerous mirror sites available for SportLemons. Therefore, you won’t face any troubles if one of the domain extensions is banned or inaccessible in your region.

9. Bosscast.net

Bosscast is a US-based sports streaming site that mainly offers American sports such as baseball, basketball and Soccer. You can still enjoy streaming other sports matches also. The user interface is pretty simple, and you can choose the desired channel from the list.

watch live sports online

The site often leads to misleading and scammy sites which are actually the advertisements. You can use an adblocker to get rid of the pop-up ads. There is also a chat box that allows you to interact with other viewers.

10. Hotstar

Over the past few years, Hotstar has gained a lot of attention to sports streaming. It now provides movies, TV shows, and premium content as well. You can watch highlights of the matches without any registration or fee but for streaming sports match you will have to buy a plan which costs around Rs199 for a month and Rs999 for a year. You can use Hotstar Cookies to avoid subscription charges.


If you don’t often see matches but curious enough for an upcoming cricket match, you can download Hotstar Premium Apk and stream the premium content and live events absolutely free.

11. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is another popular service to watch sports online. It is a great platform that allows you to stream your favorite sports games at good quality even at low internet speed. Additionally, you can go through its video library, which contains a vast collection of videos related to sports. Even you can also upload your video here.

first row sports

The only downfall of FirstRow Sports is that it shows a lot of pop-up ads, but you can simply avoid them by using an ad blocker.

12. All Sport Live

If you are from Russia, then you must have already known about this website. It is a Russian-origin website, and that’s why it is prevalent there. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot get benefitted from it. You can use Google Translate to experience this website in your native language.

all sports live
Free Live Sports Streaming Sites 2021

It is a great place to find links to all kinds of sports. Altogether, you can also enjoy highlights of sports games that have already ended. Overall, giving this service a try wouldn’t be a wrong choice at all.

13. MamaHD

Looking for a reliable service that could offer you to stream all kinds of sports games? MamaHD is the solution. It provides a vast collection of sports games and offers 15 different server links to watch each game. Isn’t it insane?

mama hd
Watch Sports Online

However, the service has few downfalls too. The very first one is that you could find link-interruptions in between the stream. Though it is not that often and mainly occurs during halftime breaks, it could annoy one. Another thing is that it offers live chat support, but that is not reliable at all.

14. GoATDee

It has one of the dullest and boring user interfaces. But that is not the reason for you to landing here, and when it comes to watching sports online, it is one of the best services I’ve ever fall into.

goatdee best sports streaming sites

It offers an entirely free, ad-free experience of watching your favorite sports game online, especially European leagues and Champion leagues. Even though the UI is a bit dull, it is pretty clean, and you can easily navigate throughout the site without any issue. Unfortunately, if you’re into American sports, this service is not for you.

15. Feed2All

Feed2All has one of the cleanest user interfaces and a soothing design that attracts the users a lot. It covers a wide range of sports games, including Golf, Rugby, and Basketball. It also allows you to set the time zone so that you can easily find out games according to your local time.

live sports streaming sites


It provides very stable, uninterrupted, and fast servers to ensure you won’t feel any issue while streaming any games. Unlike most other streaming services, it doesn’t show pop-up ads. Instead, it uses ad banners and visual ads.

Wrap Up:

There are millions of sports lovers around the world. Not everyone has enough time and money to watch a match at home in front of the TV or buy a premium subscription of sports channels just for one game. Therefore, we have listed down the best live sports streaming sites of 2021 that will free you from all the hassle of finding a sports streaming site that actually works.

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