USB devices and USB peripherals are still used by people to carry their personal information. It is an easy way to make the data portable without getting into the mess of using cloud and uploading and saving the information on it. However, if you lose your USB device, then the situation can become grave. And so this is when the USB encryption software comes into action. Encrypting the USB drive is one of the best options to keep your sensitive data safe. Encryption software is usually used by large corporations, but now it is available to a wider range of users as well.

And so here are the 10 best USB encryption software that you can use to encrypt your device and protect your data.

What is the Need of USB Encryption?

Encryption is a simple process. For those who don’t know about this term, let us understand it this way. Encryption can be defined as the act of transforming your data such that no other unauthorized person can access it, or read and modify it. Complex algorithms make use of key files and passwords for this transformation. It is marked as one of the best ways to achieve data security.

So when you are carrying some important or personal information then encrypting the USB drive is the most effective way to keep it safe. If your USB drive is encrypted, then no one can access your data without authorization. Check out the following top USB encryption software of 2020.

10 Best USB Encryption Software

Encryption of USB drives has become important in today’s world. So let’s dig into the software for encrypting USB that are presently doing great in the market.

Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vaults

The first and popular USB encryption software for Windows as well as Mac OS is Kruptos 2. The software uses AES-256 bit encryption algorithm and is available for Windows, Mac as well as Android Operating System. There are different variants but it is not available for free.

This USB encryption software works for external HDD and memory cards along with USB flash drives. An interesting thing about this tool is its drag and drop the files feature. So you do not need to browse the files or select it. Just drop the file and hot the Encrypt option. The process of encryption is fast and allows you to have either one master password or different passwords for various files.

Kruptos 2 Go is definitely fast and easy to use, but when it deals with larger files it gets a little soppy. Also, it cannot encrypt a system driver or an entire partition. You can avail the services for free with its trial version of 30 days. And if you like the software you can get the premium version by paying $24.95 for one time.

Folder Lock

Protecting the data stored on your computer is important and so is the protection of critical data stored on a device. Not only I’m talking about USB devices, but your smartphones too needs encryption as you open your company emails and other accounts on it. Folder Lock is thus another good USB Encryption software that adds the needed encryption to smartphones. You can protect your files, videos, photos, contacts, notes, wallet cards and other audio recordings on your device.

It even gives you additional security features that are hidden. It not only encrypts your data, but it also allows you to set a tricky password, hacker deterrents, and back up all the passwords. The tool also keeps a log of all the unauthorized login attempts and notifies you of the potential forced attacks.

While the basic app and its features are free, you can avail the premium version in a fee of $39.95 which will give you more useful and advanced security features.


This next encryption software is a reliable option designed for teams within small businesses and individuals. It follows an AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption that ensures strong security, thwarting the intruders. Also, it provides cloud storage capabilities and so all the files that are stored and saved on Dropbox and Google Drive are protected automatically.

AxCrypt’s notable feature is its multi-lingual feature. It works with different languages like Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Swedish, Portuguese and Russian. Apart from this, it also offers a passport management system that lets you access all the encrypted files using a smartphone app.

The AxCrypt software has a free version but it offers limited features. Then there are two pricing plans- one is the Premium package which will cost you $42 per year and the business package which is available for $87 per year. You can start with the free version and once you get used to the features and all, you can upgrade to one of its plans.

USB Safeguard

Another portable utility that you can try to encrypt your drives is USB Safeguard. Just like the software mentioned above, USB Safeguard uses the AES-256 algorithm to protect your files and folders by encrypting them. It is not at all complicated with minimal UI and the perfect amount of options to encrypt the drives.

USB Encryption Software - USBSafeguard

A notable feature of this tool is that you can create virtual containers in order to protect the data. And so whenever you unplug your USB drive from the system USB Safeguard comes into action and locks the device. And in case you are staying inactive for a period of time, then also the software will work. Apart from the drives, it also supports the encryption of SSDs, HDD hard drives, memory cards etc.

One downside of using USB Safeguard is that it is compatible with Windows OS only. You can opt for the free version of the tool, but it allows encryption of the only 2GB of files.

Disk Cryptor

A free, popular amongst the people and open-source volume and drive encryption tool is DiskCryptor. Designed specifically for Windows, you can use this tool too uses AES-256 encryption, along with Twofish and Serpent algorithms. It encrypts and decrypts the drives, along with the external storage devices like DVD/CD, and hard drives.

The software also gives you the option to auto-mount the encrypted drives or partitions to your folders. And before you access all these files you need to authorize and authenticate yourself. Disk Cryptor is a fast service that supports multiple algorithms to encrypt the drives. The best part is that the tool itself is small in size and makes use of the least resources.

It has only one disadvantage, and that is you can use it only for Windows system.

VeraCrypt Encryption Software

Out of the various USB encrypted software, VeraCrypt is the most popular and the best tool. TrueCrypt was closed a few years back, and VeraCryot is its successor. It is available for free for a various OS like Windows, Linux and Mac. The tool also supports three different encryption algorithms like AES, Serpent and Twofish.

With VeraCrypt the users can also create encrypted volumes that are kept hidden inside the regular USB drivers and hard drives. This feature comes handy especially when you don’t want anyone to know that you have encrypted your data. And the best part is its step-by-step wizard that makes encryption and decryption easy.

VeraCrypt is considered the best freeware to encrypt USB drives, but it might not be the ultimate option for you if you don’t have much experience with it.


The last highly effective encryption software that is cloud-based is CertainSafe. The tool follows the regulations of Industry and mitigates all the risk aspects. You can share and store your documents, photos, messages, videos and every other file without sharing it with the third-party sources.

USB Encryption Software - Certainsafe

Through this system, you can even communicate with your colleagues and collaborate keeping all the correspondence encrypted. The tool also offers automated security for business applications and databases, so you are free from all the manual work.

CertainSafe offers a free trial for 30-days, after which you can get a monthly subscription for $12 for 100GB.

Kakasoft USB Security

This next USB data protection software is for those who don’t want to get into the mess of setting up and configuring the tool. If you are using the Kakasoft USB Security then you will not have to choose algorithms or deal with the setup process.

The encryption tool not only encrypts the drive or folder but also password protects it in just three clicks. On your thumb drive, this software gets installed directly and protects your data with a strong password. And so whenever you plug-in your drive in your system r any other system, then it will prompt you to enter the password. That’s it. The process is quite simple and doesn’t require much hassle.

Kakasoft USB Security is pretty intuitive and simple. It doesn’t separate its features on the basis of plans. So you can enjoy all its premium features for free.


EncryptStick follows one of the strongest mechanisms to provide flash drive encryption. You can create virtual folders and vaults protected with a password while working on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It uses the 1024 AES-encryption, which is better than the AES-256 encryption used by the other tools.

EncryptStick has an easy-to-use interface and so you can easily encrypt data and your flash drive. It hosts drag-and-drop as well as copy-paste functionality that allows you to select the USB drives and files and protect them from being harmed. So every time you plug-in your USB into a different Windows, you will have to type the password, and if there are ten wrong attempts you will be locked out.

EncryptStick offers a free trial of 14 days after which its paid services begin. It will cost you about $19.99 and you can use the same license on three different devices.

Gilisoft USB Encryption Software

The last on our list of best USB Encryption software is Gilisoft. It has been liked and well-reviewed by many for encryption of USB drives. It has a strikingly unique UI and is packed with effective encrypting features. Once it detects your USB device, it runs automatically. Thus it is best for beginners.

USB Encryption Software - Gilisoft

Gilisoft makes the users select the encrypted partition size, and completes the rest of the process automatically. The tool also uses the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm and in addition, it also helps you recover the data with its recovery option.

There is a trial version of Gilisoft available that you can use to try the Encryption software, but it limits the uses to 10. If you like the app, you can subscribe to its paid plan which costs $50. However, don’t forget that the software is platform dependent as it is compatible only with Windows.

Wrapping Up

These were the 10 best USB encryption software available in the market. You can choose any of these keeping your requirement in mind. Keep your drive safe and your data safer with these tools.

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