It is going to be the mid-season finale of Billions Season 5 and with the wrap of this last episode titled “The Limitless Shit”, we will have to wait a bit long to know how things end. As we all are under a global pandemic, the release of the next instalment will take time. However, with one episode in hand, we are hopeful that Axe and the other characters will keep us on the edge of our seat. Bobby Axelrod is one character who has always taken the highway, and in the upcoming episode as well, he will be doing things the atypical way.

If you have missed the last episode then we have got you the Billions Season 5 Episode 6 recap and a little sneak peek into the mid-season finale.

Billions Season 5 Episode 6 Recap- “The Nordic Model” Review

The previous episode “The Nordic Model” was about an old scheme that comes up against Axe and his work. As the star struggled with the opening of his bank, Taylor and Wendy discussed, how they could help Bobby with his needs. On the other hand, Chuck tries to test Axe, if he can be a suitable donor for the transplant needed by his father. And so he tricks Axe for tax fraud following a raid conducted at his art stash.

After he learns about Axe not being a match, Nico takes up the art issue and works to solve it, while Axe takes a look at the new museum.

Billions Season 5 Episode 7- The Limitless S**t Spoilers

According to the official synopsis released by makers, in the mid-season finale episode of Billions Season 5, one of the biggest stories will unfold as Axe will take some steps forward in the most unusual way. Now, this is definitely one of the most expected from Bobby Axelrod. He is going to take inspiration from an unconventional source leading to a big play.

And since it’s going to be the last episode before the haul, we are expecting an unexpected turn of events leaving everyone at a cliffhanger.

Billions Season 5 Upcoming Episode 7- Chuck Might Take Down Axe

In the episode titled “The Limitless S**t”, Chuck too will be taking some desperate measures for his family. And if that means he has to take down Axe, then he is going to take that step as well. And it seems that he is quite close to taking him down. Chuck will even try to manipulate a pas collaborator with Sacker.

Meanwhile, Wendy will be facing some issues in her relationship and Taylor will come and take the charge. We are not sure how things will turn, but the events are surely going to affect the lives of many characters and it’s not going to be good after all the title says it all.

Wrapping Up

You can catch up with unlimited drama and entertainment as your favourite characters make some key choices. Billions Season 5 Episode 7 will air on Showtime, at  9 PM on Sunday, the 14th.



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