Do you love going down a rabbit hole about conspiracy theories about the latest developments of the world? If yes, then you are not the only one. Conspiracy theories are fun as long as you are not paying much heed to them. Unfortunately, even the most popular crypto has not escaped from the clutches of conspiracy theorists, as a result of which some pretty wild conjectures surrounding this e-coin have come up.

If you are interested in finding more about these crazy conspiracies, some of which were powerful enough to affect crypto prices, you have come to the right place. This article takes you through some of the most popular ones floating through the internet right now. However, if you want to look past the conspiracies and take bitcoin seriously, head over to any official bitcoin exchange like bitcoin mastery to try to make some money trading this electronic asset.

Top Bitcoin Conspiracy Theories

The US Government has come up with Bitcoins

A prevalent theory surrounding Bitcoin is that the US government is responsible for the creation of Bitcoins. Many crypto enthusiasts have posted on different cryptocurrency threads naming ‘Uncle Sam’ aka US intelligence services, as the mastermind behind this flagship e-currency. The chain of thought behind this conspiracy theory is that Bitcoin came up as a solution to the recession problem that was going on in the world.

There is also this theory going on that the US intelligence services created Bitcoin to use this untraceable electronic currency to keep funding their highly classified International missions. Even Buterin, the co-founder of Bitcoins biggest competitor ethereum, stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if the NSA were creating Bitcoins.

The Chinese Government is Responsible for the Creation of Bitcoin

Why should China be left behind in the string of conspiracy theories surrounding Bitcoin? Some Redditors even commented on it today, fearing that Bitcoins was the brainchild of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. They even said that Satoshi Nakamoto was the name selected to create a diversion as it is a Japanese name. However, since China is the leading producer of computer chips, they can process every country in the world to be the top mining nation as well. This points out that China has the power, motive, knowledge, resources and ambition to be behind the first cryptocurrency.

The Antichrist is a Tech Genius

If you have done a double-take on this, you are a novice in conspiracy theories. Blaming the devil for the creation of many technological advancements has been going on for quite some while. The latest theory is that the devil knows blockchain technology to create the first electronic currency. The people who came up with this theory consider this internship pal electronic currency the ‘Mark of the Beast.’

Lizard people are Behind Bitcoins

Yes, the lizard people are at it again. This time they have been credited with the coding power to create Bitcoins. If you hear about lizard people and their technological advancements for the first time, you are in for a treat. For a long time, conspiracy theorists have been hooked on this idea that lizard people exist among us and are responsible for significant happenings worldwide.

The creation of Bitcoins is just one sinister thing up their sleeves. If anybody needs solid proof to debunk this theory, there is not any. So, who knows, maybe the world is run over by alien lizard people and who knows what all-new tech they will bestow upon us, clueless humans.

Conspiracy theories around and Bitcoins are not a new phenomenon. From the moment it was created by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, it was bound to be a fan favorite amongst conspiracy theorists. Ranging from not too strange to downright kooky, there are lots of Bitcoin conspiracy theories that will keep you entertained for hours.


However, the true joy from Bitcoins is obtained when you get to trade it properly to earn huge profits. Therefore, don’t waste your time on questionable conjectures and head over to a bitcoin exchange to earn some extra money with the power of this controversial flagship electronic currency.

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