It’s not skiing season yet but no harm checking out these cool GPS goggles by Zeal, one of the few brands dedicated to making technologically advanced ski goggles which include heads-up display technology. It’s always good to know how fast you’re going and how far you’ve gone when you are skiing.

Designed and crafted in Boulder, Colorado, these Zeal goggles include tiny GPS receivers and a set of sensors to provide speed, distance, altitude, vertical descent data, chronometer, time, temperature, run counter, jump stats, and location information in real time. And all these data can be readily downloaded to your computer for performance analysis. The GPS display is displayed on a 16:9 HUD widescreen format.

Zeal Z3 GPS LIVE Googles

Zeal has 3 models starting from$299. The top of the line Z3 GPS LIVE lists for $599 and it comes with high tech Polarized Automatic lens that change with the light so you don’t need to swap lenses for different conditions. These lenses are handcrafted in Japan so you can expect one of the highest clarity you can get even in the most extreme conditions.

Smartphone connectivity is a must nowadays with any high tech gizmo and the Z3 LIVE enables Caller ID, text messages, and buddy tracking. These gizmos are certainly not cheap but you pay for what you get.

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