Cannabis is big business in the USA now that many states have legalized possession. In others it has been decriminalized. Users who enjoy marijuana on a recreational basis have been waiting for this to happen for many years, and no it has happened the most popular method of consuming cannabis is no longer the traditional joint.

Instead, users are enjoying vaping cannabis, but why is this? Does vaping have benefits over smoking, and what do you need to vape your weed? Let’s have a look.

Why Vape Cannabis?

Vaping is a different concept to smoking. When you vape cannabis – or any substance – there is no flame involved. This is important as the main cause of the carcinogens involved in smoking is the combustion itself. Vaping involves heating the substance to a temperature at which it atomizes, with no fire. The result is a cloud of vapor that is ingested into the lungs. This is a much safer, and more direct, way of using cannabis.

Many who switch from smoking to vaping weed report an entirely smoother experience, and one with greater flavor as the weed itself is not diluted by smoke. So, let’s talk about what you need to start vaping cannabis.

What You Need to Vape Cannabis

In the early days of vaping, you were limited in the devices you could choose. Nowadays you could not have more choice! The main item you need is a vape pen or vape. The vape pen is popular and comes in many different styles from a variety of brands. It’s a simple device that consists of an outer casing, a compartment into which the cannabis or other product is placed, a battery that heats a coil, and that’s about it.

Don’t get confused by talk about 510 thread batteries as this is simply the specification of battery thread that is now almost universally used on vape devices. This allows you to replace a battery with a more sophisticated version should you wish, as the thread on the device will accept any 510 thread device. Vape pens come in various forms – there are cheap one-use throwaway models right through to some quite impressive and expensive devices. We recommend you try a cheaper one first to see if vaping is for you. Now let’s talk about the act of vaping cannabis.

How to Vape Cannabis

As cannabis is now legal in many states there is great competition in the market. We recommend you find an established and reputable retailer with whom you can strike up a relationship. They will happily advise you as to the best beginners vape device, and help you move on to something more capable. Some vape pens have adjustable temperature which allows the user to fine tune the taste, while others are fixed. Either way, vaping is the same but for the adjustments where needed.

A removable compartment is filled to the instructed amount with your cannabis. The battery has been charged by USB and will provide many hits. Put the compartment back and switch the device on. When it reaches usable temperature – which should be just a few seconds – you’re ready to vape. Put the mouthpiece between your lips and press the button as instructed, and the cloud of vapor is there for you to inhale.

As we mentioned earlier vaping is the most efficient way of getting your cannabis hit, as well as being the easiest and safest too. If you want to know more get in touch with a vape retailer now and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have on the subject.

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