Criminal Minds the crime drama on CBS has completed 14 seasons, and this is the final one. The show premiered on 8th January with a two-hour long episode titled “Under the Skin” and “Awakenings.” The show has managed to get an explosive start and the ratings have even spurred for the spin-offs by the media franchise.

Here is our weekly recap of Criminal Minds Episode 4 titled “Saturday” and a little sneak peek into the upcoming episode titled “Ghost.”

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 Written Update

The fifteenth season of Criminal Minds showed the various FBI officers working at the Behavioral Analysis Unit and their team hardly getting any day off from their work.

The last episode dealt with Elizabeth, one of the contestants of the hacking competition, who is getting troubling messages online. She asks for help from Garcia who calls in a few agents, like Lewis, J.J., and Alvez. She hands over Lewis and J.J. Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriends list, while she and Alvez visit Elizabeth’s apartment to find more evidence.

They get to know that the stalker has hidden devices everywhere in the apartment and even has a separate compartment under the bed where he can hide. Also, they come to know that the stalking began just after she broke up with Billy, her boyfriend. Later, Elizabeth admits to Alvez and Garcia that she is unable to sleep anymore. While Garcia confesses to Alvez about her own online stalker and the dark things she faces online.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 “Saturday” Recap

While other agents are working on Elizabeth’s case, Emily Prentiss is having a day off, relaxing as she is served by an ex-neighbor. Brian Gritty, the ex-neighbor is a bit paranoid and feels that Prentiss and the FBI are targeting him after his wife went. Even though Rossi tries to talk to him and convince him, Prentiss drags him. She cleverly handles the situation and sends him to a therapist.

In the meantime, Spencer’s therapist suggests him to have a conversation with someone who is not associated with his profession. And so he starts a normal conversation with a random boy, who has nothing to do with his professional world. Maxine, the boy’s aunt judges Spencer to be a normal man also joins the conversation.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 5 Spoilers

The new episode of Criminal Minds titled “Ghosts” is scheduled to air on 29th January. After the mellowest episode of the season, it’s time to face the darkness. It’s the episode where Matt Simmons and Luke Alvez will be abducted.

It is the last season, and one can definitely expect the loss of one or two BAU members. Also, nothing much has been told about the Everett Lynch story. Is the Unsub, the stalker related to the murder? However, you cannot guess the right plotline now. You will have to wait till the last episodes air.

Criminal Minds Episode 5- Alvez and Simmons are Abducted

As a series of fatal shootings take place in Des Plaines, Illinois, the BAU team heads to the place to investigate. They find that it involves a copycat serial killer. However, their investigation is disrupted as the team is attacked and Simons and Alvez are abducted. They are seen tied to a pole as Rossi informs her team about it.

According to the teaser released, a male voice says “I will watch both of you suffer” as Alvez looks on with his head bleeding. Both the agents have a lot going on in their life and if the team loses them it will be a heartbreaking moment.

Wrapping Up

The copycat serial killer is up to something but the BAU officers are also ready. Catch up with the latest episode of Criminal Minds, this Wednesday on CBC, on 29th January at 9 PM.

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