Digital marketing continues to evolve, and hardly anyone is capable of keeping up with everything that is happening. Thus, it is only natural that some methods do not receive as much spotlight as others.

One of the best examples of this could be pay per click advertisement. Brands tend to focus more on working with influencers on social media or spend thousands on search engine optimization.

This is a bit difficult to understand since PPC marketing offers so much for the money you spend. According to Google, every dollar spent usually returns as two dollars. This is especially important for automotive PPC marketing.

That is not to say that there is nobody who is emphasizing Google AdWords as their strategy. The moment you start, you may realize that the competition is pretty fierce. But beating them is still possible. How? The answer to that is below.


It is a good old trial and error. AdWords campaigns can be adjusted in real-time, meaning that you can test everything to your heart’s content. Sure, it might be a bit problematic if you are low on budget, but there is always some help you can get. A good example of that is Clever Ads – Google Ads Free Tools.

Every minute you spend testing will bring you that much closer to becoming better at PPC. And an experience like that will always be of good great use, even if you are not actively creating pay per click campaigns but doing something else related to digital marketing.

Budget Is Not Everything

Quite a few advertisers believe that money is the be-all-end-all factor in determining whether one will have success or not. Well, the reality is quite different. Ads will only be as successful as your website.

There is a reason why you can find so many great tips for low budget entrepreneurs, and they work. Do not become victim to launching a campaign before your website is up to par.

A site must be optimized for mobile users as well since so many prefer to surf the net using their smartphones or tablets.

Quite a few individuals put together a simple landing page believing that everything will work itself out the moment a person ends up on it after clicking the ad. Things are entirely different. If you fall short in this aspect, it will not be too long before your bounce rate goes up and you are penalized by Google.

Right Traffic

It is easy to get lost because you want to cover as much ground as possible, believing that numbers matter. But when you take a moment to think, it becomes quite clear that 10 visitors with intent to buy something are worth much more than 100 random people.

Demographics shift in business, but there should still be one that you can define as your ideal audience. Geotargeting is a neat feature as it allows you to focus on local residents. A perfect method for a brick and mortar store.

Scheduling Ads

A penny saved is a penny earned. Words that can be applied to the problem of having your ads up 24/7. There is absolutely no reason to have such a system. You are only losing money that can be put to other uses.

Look at what timeframes show the most positivity in terms of ROI. It will take a while to test them, but once you acquire this information, you feel much better knowing that your entire campaign is efficient.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is another thing that requires your attention. Competition gets pretty fierce so one has to look for ways to avoid direct clashes. Unique and longtail keywords are the obvious answer because you will have a much easier time with those.

Remember that you can always make changes in real-time, so if a particular keyword is not performing the way you thought it would simply replace it. And do not feel down if you are not finding your ground at first. Keyword research is a tough nut to crack and it will take a while before you get good at it.


Every new PPC campaign should be better than its predecessors. You need to be moving forward, and that would be impossible without a proper amount of information.

Make use of analytics and get insights into your campaigns. Look through everything in as much detail as you can and determine where you are lacking. This way, you will know what needs to be fixed for the future.

Effective Ad Texts

Writing an effective text for your ad is one of the hardest things to do. Professional copywriters make a lot of money for a good reason. Ultimately, this one comes down entirely to your own preference. If you are persistent and believe that you can also become good at creating ad text, then go for it. But if you feel like this is something out of your depth, hire a freelancer.

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