Living the freelance or startup lifestyle is not always easy and can quickly become overwhelming once you begin investing in marketing for the products or services you offer. Implementing a few small-budget marketing tips can help you whether you are working full-time as a freelance designer or if you are launching a start-up of your own in a saturated and highly competitive market.

Trade Partnerships for Advertising

Trading partnerships in exchange for advertising is one way to save on costs while marketing a business, brand, or individual services you provide. Some of the ways to obtain advertising in exchange for a new partnership include:

  • Word-of-Mouth: Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective methods of marketing products or services. When a product becomes popular from word-of-mouth, it is likely in high demand and of high-quality. Word-of-mouth advertising is not always easy to obtain, and requires an innate understanding of the audience and demographic you want to reach.
  • Networking Events: Hosting or planning networking events is another way to implement small-budget marketing campaigns for freelancers and start-up businesses alike. A networking event is not only a way to connect with prospective customers, but it is also a way to mingle with vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and potential partners or investors.
  • Social Media: Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to market your business or services. While it is possible to launch paid advertising and A/B testing campaigns using social media, it is also possible to build a following without investing in a paid advertising strategy.
  • Guest Blogging: Connect and network with other individuals or bloggers in your industry online to inquire about a guest blogging opportunity. Guest blogging provides you with an additional platform to share opinions or information on topics and subjects that are important to you. Guest blogging is a great way to spread the word of your own name as a professional or of the name of your start-up on various websites that have similar audiences and consumers.
  • Cross-Promotion Opportunities: Another way for you to build a professional and reputable reputation online is to consider cross-promotion opportunities that are right for you. Cross-promoting other freelancers or startups within the same industry as you are not only a way to spread the word of your business and brand on other websites, but it is also beneficial for SEO, or search engine optimization purposes. Cross-promoting another individual or website is possible by allowing them to submit a guest blog, a link, or even a sponsored post on your website.
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Funding for Emergency Situations

When you are working as a freelancer or launching a start-up from the ground up, you might also have a part-time job just to get you through while you build your business.

It is always important to have a savings fund as income from a startup or freelance gig is not reliable. But even with a part-time job and a savings, emergencies can come up that require additional funds you don’t have. If you are in need of cash to cover an unexpected expense while awaiting your next payday, consider the option of applying for a payday loan online.

Applying for a payday loan right from the comfort of your own home is a way to save time, and if qualified, can be approved in as little as one business day. As opposed to applying for a traditional bank loan, a payday loan provides you with the cash flow you need to cover your emergency while keeping with your freelance or startup gig.

Using a few small-budget marketing tips, staying afloat during unforeseen financial hardships and continuing to pursue your personal business are all possible. With an understanding of the scrappy marketing tools and solutions available to you and how to maximize your budget as much as possible, you’ll be on your way to a becoming a successful business owner in no time.

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