Finding 4K movies a few years back was really an effort some task. But this is no longer the case for these days newly released films are both in HD and 4K.  Since not every device is capable of playing high-resolution media so for that 4K Kodi addons are the best options.

Kodi will allow you to stream movies from a variety of online sources. For watching the online content of TV shows and movies, Kodi comes with various Kodi add-ons & Builds. Here I have mentioned the top 10 best 4K Kodi Addons that will help you directly watch movies on Kodi.

What are 4K Kodi Addons?

You might have frequently heard about HD video resolutions. Basically, the full HD resolution stands at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. On the other hand, 4K is the highest possible resolution today found in TV models. 4K works on 3,840 x 2,160 pixels that mean 4K is four times the full HD resolution.

Further, you can configure Kodi to display at 2160p i.e. full 4K. In turn, Kodi scale-ups its interface. However, it may happen that they will upscale from full HD but might lose some clarity. Therefore it is recommended to run Kodi at full HD and play 4K movies using 4K Kodi Add-ons.

Can You Watch 4K Videos on Kodi?

Of course yes, you can easily watch HD and HQ content by the installation of Kodi 4K addons. You get several add-ons for Kodi in the market that enables you to access free as well as premium access to this delightful source.

10 Best 4K Kodi Addons

We are very lucky for you to get an excellent selection of 4K Kodi Add-ons. With the increasing popularity of 4K movies and TV shows, Kodi has come up with add-ons that support the streaming feature.

The majority of 4K addons get you HD content. Because full HD resolution is must for live TV broadcasting around the world. So here is the list of 10 best Kodi 4K Addons that will get you access to 4K movies effortlessly.


With the feature of active development, Covenant (Install from here) has become the spiritual and worthy successor of Exodus. It is one of the best Kodi Add-ons to stream 4K movies on Kodi.

The upgradation of Covenant led to its integration with Trakt, and so now you have better options to watch movies in HD quality. Covenant is much better than other Kodi add-ons if we look at its features and the safety that it is regularly updated and thus enables you to enjoy its various features. The support from the developer and makes it much safer to use.

The Magic Dragon

The disappearance of The Pyramid add-on overnight might have come as a shock to many of the users, but do not worry as 4K Kodi addons like The Dogs Bollocks and The Magic Dragon is here. The Magic Dragon is next best thing after the demise of The Pyramid, which shares a lot of similarity with the latter.

You will find movies, TV shows, radio, documentaries, music and much more categories arranged on the Home Screen in a similar manner. Also, there is a dedicated section of 4K movies when you hit the Movies section.


  1. MaverickTV Repo:
  2. Supremacy Repo:


Specto is another popular Kodi add-on for streaming 4K movies of all time. Lambda who is the creator of Genesis has created Specto. The coding of Exodus is also done by the same creator and so the layout and the choice of both TV shows and movies for all the three Kodi add-ons is almost the same.

The feature that makes it stand out from the other add-on is that it gets updated regularly and the broken links are fixed immediately. The only drawback of this amazing add-on for streaming 4K movies is that it lags during its installation. And so we would suggest you install the latest version to prevent the lag.


SALTS (Stream All The Sources)

Another competitor of Exodus is SALTS. This add-on brings content from about 40 different sources, just like Exodus add-on. it brings in the content from the best sites which makes it one of the best Kodi add-on to stream 4K movies. Along with the streaming option, you also get features like dubbing, HD streaming and subbing.

And using SALTS aka Stream All The Sources you can stream every TV show or movie that you wish to watch. Even you can prioritize streaming in high-quality by making changes through the settings.



The next on our list of 10 best Kodi addons for 4K movies is Nemesis. Apart from the features that every other Kodi add-on provide, Nemesis is known for Scanner Zone and Air Traffic Control Zone, with which you can tune into radio frequencies using the web. These two peculiar features make it one of the most popular add-ons that are found as a part of numerous Kodi builds. After you go to Movie Zone> 4K Movies, about 80 titles will be displayed. Just provide your Real Debrid credentials and start streaming.

Also, don’t forget to check movie sections other than the latest release like remastered classic, and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.



Another Kodi add-on for 4K movies is Bob-Unleashed. This add-on comes with some amazing features. If you have been using this add-on before, then you might be knowing that the old URL is currently not working.

However, it has got a new URL, which works fine for its users to access the latest movies and TV shows. In comparison to other add-ons, the Bob-Unleashed add-on has wired menu and got various options like Bob’s Kids, Walk of Fame, New Releases, Music TV and Bob Sports. Using this add-on you can access unlimited latest movies and TV shows in high quality and that too quite easily.


SkyNet is a well-deserved name in the list of best 4K Kodi add-ons. According to some users, it should be the first add-on to be downloaded and installed by a user, if their main motive is to stream 4K movies. And the only reason behind is that SkyNet has an incredible library of 4K movies to offer to its users which they can stream in just a few clicks. You can get these movies by going to MaverickTV> Maverick 4K UHD Movies. You will find a nice collection of, high-quality 4K movies that involves both the latest releases and remastered movie classics. On SkyNet there is a lot to choose from, and so it becomes one of the best choices for 4K Kodi add-ons.

BBC iPlayer

Another great source to binge watch movies and TV series is BBC iPlayer. This UK TV channel offers its users live support. Even though the content available in their library is limited, they provide all the streams in high quality.

While streaming movies or TV shows on Kodi 4K there is no lagging issue, and so you will enjoy every bit of BBC iPlayer. If we talk about the original Kodi repo, this is the most popular Kodi add-on for live streaming.

The Dogs Bollocks

The Pyramid add-on is now successfully replaced by a 4K Kodi Addon called the Dogs Bollocks. It is basically an interesting combination of content covering almost everything. However, the most attractive point of this add-on is movies. Fro latest releases to the latest screeners, The Dogs Bollocks covers everything. And not to forget, 4K movies are also there.

You can uncover them by going to movies and then 4K Movies. One drawback that most of the users face is that out of 160 titles present, all of them doesn’t work and so you have to try the hot and trial method. If you are lucky you will be watching your favorite movie without any hassle.

Atom Reborn

While all the 4K Kodi add-ons given in the list, Atom Reborn is the new kid in the building. This Kodi add-on has gained popularity and has risen to fame and all due to good reasons. You can call Atom Reborn as an all-in-one Kodi add-on because it offers its users pretty much everything from TV shows, live TV, cartoons and movies especially 4K movies. Just click on the Ultra HD Movies tab and enjoy the huge selection of movies.

How to Watch 4K Movies on Kodi using Nemesis

You can use any of the above given 4K Kodi add-ons to stream 4K movies. Nemesis is one of them, which is a part of the Stream Army Repository. Just follow the given steps to install Nemesis on your device to get access to 4K movies.

Step 1: To begin with download the Stream Army Repository. For this visit the official website of the repository.

Step 2: Download, the latest version of the repo file.

Step 3: Now launch Kodi player. Navigate to the main menu and click on Add-ons option.

Step 4: Then click on the Add-ons gear icon. Now click on the Install from zip file option.

Step 5: Open the repository file that you previously downloaded. After this step is completed, select the Install from Repository option.

Step 6: Now follow the given path- Stream Army> Video Add-ons> Nemesis. Then click on Install.

That’s it. Nemesis add-on is successfully installed on your Kodi Player. Now you can stream 4K movies or TV shows of your choice easily, without any further hassle.

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Wrapping Up!

We hope that this effort of finding some of the best 4K Kodi Addons will be beneficial for you. By using Kodi you can unlock hours of media content related to high-resolution movies on Kodi.

Also, it is important that you install the Kodi add-ons to get access to unlimited movies online. Further, keep in mind your privacy and therefore firstly download VPN for Kodi and stay safe. For any further query feel free to comment.

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