Thinking of hiring a full-time or part-time maid service? While you may have expectations on how you want your space to be cleaned, the cleaning company and maid have expectations from you as a client as well.

To maintain mutual respect and good relations with your hired cleaner and agency, here are some dos and don’ts in hiring a part-time maid service:


DO Screen Your Applicants

You’re inviting a stranger into your home, and you don’t know anything about the person. Therefore, proper screening of any applicant who will partake in cleaning your house for you is a necessary step in hiring a cleaner. Always check for an applicant’s work history and background to give you a gauge on how experienced and trustworthy the applicant is.

DO Avail of Services from Reputable Companies

There are plenty of cleaning companies that serve as agencies in matching you with a part-time maid, but not all are reputable. Hiring a reputable part time maid in Singapore is easier said than done, as you will need to rely on customer reviews and company experience in your assessment of whether to avail of services from this company or not.

DO Check for Agency Fees

Some part-time maid services charge a hidden agency fee, supposedly meant to be compensation for the assurance you get that the cleaner sent to provide cleaning services to your house is experienced and trustworthy. To avoid hidden fees, check with the agency and ensure that all fees are noted up front, and agreed upon beforehand.

DO Be Respectful of the Cleaner

According to house cleaning and maid service in Mobile, AL, like any other human being, the cleaner you hire must be respected. They are in your home doing the cleaning and organizing for you, so do be respectful and grateful for their services. Cleaners come into homes they are not familiar with, and giving them a bit of respect helps create a good rapport with your hired cleaner.

DO Guide the Cleaner with Your Expectations

Not all homes are the same, and some homeowners are more particular in their cleaning than others. To establish a good experience with the cleaning service, guide your hired cleaner the first time to cover your expectations on what they need to clean and how you want them to do it. Some devices may have different settings than usual, so be sure to guide them through this too.

DO Restrain your Pets

Cleaning requires a lot of focus on the task at hand to avoid accidentally using the wrong scrub brush or cleaning solution. Your cat or dog may be cute and friendly, but these naturally curious creatures provide distractions and may cause the part-time maid trouble as they navigate around the animal. Cleaning solutions, too, can be toxic when ingested.

DO Clean up Spills before they Stain

While going about your day-to-day life, you may be tempted to leave your mess to the part-time maid, but spills that may cause staining are a different issue. Spills, especially those of the red wine and tomato sauce variety, should be cleaned immediately to avoid staining surfaces and fabrics. Don’t wait for the part-time maid to deal with the stain, as it may be irreversible.


DON’T Hire the First Applicant

Don’t just hire the very first person you come across applying for the position, as you may miss out on hiring a more appropriate and trustworthy part-time maid. Never hire anyone without screening them first, even when they come from an agency or are recommended by a friend. Do a background check, and screen your applicants first.

DON’T Expect Full-time Services

Take note of the term “part-time,” connoting that the services of a part-time maid or cleaner are not going to be the same as those of a full-time cleaner. The time limit alone is a big difference, especially when it comes to cleaning bigger areas with more items. Part-time cleaners can do general upkeep, but cannot extend to what a full-time cleaner does in one day.

DON’T Expect Deep Cleaning and Repairs

Part-time maid service does most of the general cleaning tasks to make your home spotless, but don’t expect them to deep clean your sofa or repair your sink for you. Deep cleaning, pest control, and repairs are all different services that your part-time maid may not have experience in. They may end up damaging your furniture and appliances if they attempt to repair them.

DON’T Expect a Cleaning and Babysitting Service

Unless you’ve discussed babysitting services with them beforehand, the part-time maid is not the same as a babysitter. Most companies keep these specialties separate, as time allotment and cleaning tasks make it difficult for the maid to carry on babysitting duties in addition to their cleaning duties. Don’t expect them to handle kids, as you would need an experienced babysitter for that.

DON’T Micromanage Their Cleaning Methods

Part-time maids are often trained in performing cleaning duties based in a general household setting. They may be trained to identify and properly clean different types of materials and take precautions when cleaning sensitive surfaces. While some guidelines and tips may be appreciated, the homeowner should not interfere with the cleaning by micromanaging.

The Bottomline

Hiring a part-time maid is convenient, but you must be meticulous with the hiring process as you are inviting a complete stranger into your home. Agencies may make the process easier, but you will still need to screen and guide the part-time maids yourself, as you know how to best handle your home as the homeowner.

Part-time maids assist you, as the homeowner, in the upkeep of your home while you focus on your work, kids, or other tasks. They help in cleaning areas of your home that you don’t have time to clean, and mutual respect is earned by respecting your cleaner. By following these dos and don’ts, you can provide a good working environment for your hired housekeeper.

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