With vaccines coming into action now, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic seem to be diminishing with every passing day. Things are returning to normal up to some extent.

However, that has given rise to a series of concerns among the corporate class, people from a diverse range of backgrounds who have found their comfort in working from home.

Most of them do not want to go back to their offices. While this is a sigh of relief for some companies looking at enormous savings in terms of transportation, office costs, and maybe also storage costs from facilities such as STORED, big companies like Google do not seem to like this idea.

This is probably because their work requires real-time coordination among employees, which can be painstakingly slow if all of them are working from their homes.

Moreover, working from home comes with the additional burden of arranging an office space at your place, free from all the distractions.

Companies such as STORED offer an excellent solution to this problem by providing an affordable storage facility for students as well as working-class people looking to free up some space at their residence.

Eager to find out which companies in the UK are going to keep their employees working from home? Here is a list to help you out.

If your company is on this list, be ready to throw away some of your stuff in a STORED storage facility for students and common people and build yourself a productive home office!


As announced by Deloitte’s UK managing partner on October 19, 2020, all the UK offices of Deloitte, including the ones in Southampton, Liverpool, Nottingham, and Gatwick, have been proposed to be shut down entirely in the future.

People working there in different capacities are to be offered a permanent home-working contract so that the work may continue without any hiccups. The choice is theirs!

Either change the company or enjoy the comfort of a home office. Of course, you will need the services of STORED to keep your home tidy and clutter-free.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)

Being one of the largest British Investment Bank,s a decision like this holds significant importance for the others in the banking industry as well as their vast consumer base.

Out of the 1800 HSBC employees in Britain, around 1200 or 70% have opted to work from their homes permanently following the pandemic. This comes as a result of HSBC’s efforts to reduce the costs while making sure that the consumers’ needs are met aptly.           

HSBC has also offered a yearly allowance of £300 for the employees to cover the costs such as additional electricity usage, buying new resources, or using a storage facility for students and working people such as Stored to make yourself a spacious working corner at home.

British Airways

British Airways is amongst the latest of the batch jumping the bandwagon, allowing their employees a permanent work-from-home opportunity.

Following the other big firms, British Airways have decided that their employees can choose to split their working life in both modes, i.e., working from the head office and working from home as per their own comfort and convenience.

With this decision, they have also opted to sell their gigantic headquarters near Heathrow Airport, a place 2000 people used to call their workspace before the pandemic in 2019. All of them will be given a chance to work from their home if they desire.


As compared to the others, IT is one of those sectors that, instead of facing a halt, actually thrived by making use of the work from home policy as a result of the pandemic.

Based in Manchester, 34SP.com is one of those companies that have experienced a rise in employee productivity during the pandemic. As a result, they have decided to go completely remote in 2021 like they were in 2020!

Some employees can still continue to work in an office and relocate as per their own choices. For others, using any storage company such as Stored for creating space at home and using it as a home office is a thrilling option to explore.


Slack has decided to make changes to their business model not only in the UK but all over the world ranging from San Francisco to Melbourne.

Most of their employees will be given a choice to permanently work from their home, leaving out the essential staff that needs to be present on-site for their job.

In addition to that, Slack has gone further and announced that they would be more open to hiring employees that are willing to work remotely in the future as their new business model revolves around converting Slack into a more distributed company.


With its headquarters in London, the branches of Schroders are spread worldwide and the number of employees are beyond 5000.

Even before the pandemic, Schroders had explored the option of remote work; all the pandemic did was expedite the process and its implementation.

Moving on from August 2020, Schroders is going to continue this and will not force anyone to come back to their offices if they do not desire it. They have indefinitely embraced a flexible working strategy with the option to working permanently from home for their employees.

If you are an employee of Schroders, you may opt for using any storage facility for students as office space instead of keeping your extra material in there. Some companies provide that liberty, which will give you a private office space without going through much trouble.


When a giant like BP announces a move towards work from home policy, any doubts regarding the productivity of flexible work become highly irrelevant.

BP has told its employee workforce of 25,000 people that with effect from March 8, 2021, all of them will be expected to do remote work at least two days a week. This is a part of their efforts to advocate a shift to flexible working patterns after the pandemic.

This decision will give rise to the use of self-storage facilities such as STORED in the UK as the huge number of employees of BP will be looking for options to free up some space in their homes.


Based on an internally conducted survey, Capita has told around 65% of their total employee workforce that they will be allowed to work from home permanently even after the pandemic conditions are over.

Capita has decided to move towards a more hybrid business model in the future. Time for their employees to use services of companies like Stored to create working space at their places!


With the abundance of storage companies such as Stored or Big Yellow Storage offering cheap storage facilities for students and other people, even those with small apartments now have an affordable solution to creating an office space at their homes.

So, if your company is offering you a chance to continue remote working permanently, there is no reason for you not to jump on that option and make your life comfortable, to say the least!

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