Gamblers, novices, and experts are likely to sit at a Blackjack table often than not. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games known in a live casino, as it has made its mark while deeply engraving itself among gamblers across the world. It is one of the most played casino games in the world, and one of the best spots you can find celebrities.

This popular casino game was said to have been created in 18th century France, from a game previously named ‘Vingt-et-Un’ which can be translated to ‘Twenty-One’. The name was brought from the nature of the game itself, which is to beat the dealer by being the first player to reach a hand of 21 in total, or staying there till the dealer has a total hand that goes past 21.

When this French-originated game was introduced to Canadian casinos, only a few people were interested at first. Due to this, dealers will often offer gamblers bonus payouts – this could also be considered as the beginning of offers like the no deposit offers and the free spins we see around in the modern-day.

Slowly but surely, according to reports by Blackjack’s popularity increased across the globe and became one of the most in-demand casino games. This classic casino game is not only known at the casinos, it has also marked its appearances in music, film, and even TV. Movies were written centered around Blackjack. The Blackjack table is one of the spots you can easily find a popular celebrity, here is why people love the classic game.

Simple to Play

One of the reasons gamblers always return to play more of this game is because it is so easy to play. The rules in this game can’t be considered complex and there are no twists and turns, just a simple process that is easy to pick and follow up. Once gamblers understand when to hit, stand and split, they are good to go and explore their potential to win at the Blackjack game.


Unlike Roulette and its many different versions, depending on location, the main premise of Blackjack will always remain the same, regardless of your location. The players won’t have to worry about differing gameplay like other games when they play. Once you understand the whole rules for the first time, you don’t need to worry yourself regarding the aspects of the game anymore, if you find yourself playing somewhere else for the first time.

Low House Edge

The low house edge means that players’ odds of winning are always good in this classical casino game. Many casino games are always known to have a high house edge which means that the hosting casino has the best chance of winning over the player, which is depressing even if you’re only playing the game for the excitement of it. With a low house edge, it becomes a bit fair to the players, who will have a good chance at securing winnings.


Ever since its introduction to Canadian casinos, Blackjack went on to stabilize itself as one of the best casino games across the world. Now, it is pretty much can be found in any casino, land-based or online. A land-based casino is not complete without the Blackjack table. You should also note that different locations with this game will have differing minimum bet requirements.

Blackjack is not limited to France and Canada only, it can be found across the world. Everybody loves a Blackjack game.

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