Focal Spirit Classic Headphones In "Hot Chocolate"
Focal Spirit Classic Headphones In “Hot Chocolate”

Focal has long known to design, develop and manufacture high fidelity loudspeakers and drivers, bringing audiophiles ultimate listening pleasure.

Audiophiles can look forward to its newly announced Focal Spirit Classic headphones in a very pretty “Hot Chocolate” finish. Aimed at real music fans, these headphones were made for many hours of use, sporting very comfortable memory foam earcups and a soft ergonimic headband.

Not only does the Spirit Classic headphones look good and feel good on the ears, it sounds good too, delivering a detailed mid-range and linear top end for clear, open sound. Brushed and anodised aluminium with titanium/mylar transducers ensure there is no distortion in sound reproduction.

Travelers will love the anti-coil cable that includes call management controls and the selection of adapters.

The price has not been announced yet. And we can’t wait to get our hands on it already!

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