Are you a passionate gamer? Are you a kind of person that cannot do without sharpening your gaming skills every day? And, are you dreaming about Free Xbox codes? There are millions and millions of people like you around the world having the same enthusiasm and passion for gaming. This article will talk about Free Xbox Live Codes 2021, Gold Codes that work, free trial codes that you can use.

Gaming industry knows your excitement, and that is why launching new genres and kinds of games now and then. And, Indeed, Xbox is a big name in the industry. 

Xbox Live Codes are in popular demand. Here’s a detailed guide on it.

What is the Xbox?

Who does not know Xbox? It is a much popular name in the world of video games. And, this name is widespread for gaming freaks like you and getting free xbox codes is quite popular. Microsoft created this video-gaming brand in 2001. Isn’t it so long? Yes, it is serving us for years now. In short, it is merely a gaming console brand. Since then, Xbox has not seen backwards. The company continue to amaze us with its fantastic services and facilities. The official website is,

You can connect this game console to your Television too. The Xbox is especial in proving you the best graphics during your video games ever. It feels better and makes you more interested in the game only when you play the game with the most real looking scenarios, no? Xbox is an expert in providing that. 

What is a Free Xbox Live Code?

Microsoft has launched an online service for content distribution and gaming for video game systems of Xbox, Xbox 360 and, Xbox One, and this service is none other than Xbox Live. With this service, you can download full games, trailers and demos. It offers you to play online games.

This service is subscription-based. The plans are available for one month, three months and one whole year. The essentials for the service are Xbox One or Xbox 360 along with Internet service provider. 

The service has two levels. The first one allows you to chat with your friends, share your gaming profile and download the things from Xbox Live Marketplace. But, this is not the end. You can also use various applications including, ESPN, Netflix, etc. Talking about another level, The Xbox Live Gold Level, allows you to play games online as well as avail the Silver Level Benefits. 

What are Free Xbox Live Codes – Do They Work?

Getting a free Xbox live code is none less than a dream coming true for a passionate gamer. With Xbox live codes, you can avail access to amazing games and movies and all the highest paid applications on Xbox Live. 

Before we move on to the real part, you need to know about some things that you must keep in your mind while searching for Free Xbox live codes that work in 2020. The internet is not a small place. It is a vast and deep world filled with various kind of websites. You need to be cautious while searching for your topic. There are so many websites that offer your free Xbox live codes, but they are nothing but a scam.

Furthermore, you can get a virus and multiple kinds of malware in your systems. So, always be a little careful. 

What Are Some Ways to Avail Free Xbox Codes That Work in 2021?

Are you wondering if you can still get free Xbox codes that work?

OK, now, we have come to the part where we learn about some real and legal ways to achieve free xbox codes

Go for the Xbox Live Gold Trial Program

Yes, this is the first and foremost thing that a user can choose. Xbox Live Gold Trial is a fantastic as well as en entire legal way to get access to some great features. But, there is a condition, and that is, you can only go for the Xbox Live Gold account only if you have an Xbox Live account. Yes, you cannot avail this trial without the live account membership.

On the subscription page itself, go for the one-month free sample and enter your card details there carefully. Now, you are done with the process. Also, keep in mind that you must need to cancel the subscription before the trial period gets over. 

Increase your trial period

This is another method related to the first suggested one. You can try the process as mentioned above for free trial but, what to do when the trial period gets over? Here, you need to increase your trial period span. Let us see how?

You must know that you can go for the trial period only once with your account for Xbox Live Gold Trial. But you also need to know that, surprisingly, per console, Microsoft allows you to avail three trials. In short, you can go for three trials with three different accounts to increase your trial period.

Just sign with a different account after the end of 14 days trial period, and you are allowed to do this up to three times. Always remember that each account must have different card details associated. Now, you know the way to avail the membership of 42 days.

Go For The Free Xbox Codes Reddit

Now, talking about the other option, you can go for the Reddit. Xbox has its own subreddit portal where people share their ideas as well as live codes, and you can grab the opportunity to get your Xbox live codes from their only.

The portal conducts some good giveaways too. You can also try your luck in some of them. So, do not forget to follow the subreddit to win some real live codes. This platform is right, serves great for an Xbox player looking for live codes. Choose the subreddit wisely that actually helps you. 

Go for the Bing

You always search on Google, right? Why not? Actually, Google has become a part of our lives, but this time, you must try Bing to help yourself in getting some real free live codes for you. Yes, do you know that Microsoft rewards you whenever you use Bing as your primary search engine? 

This is because Bing belongs to Microsoft. Simply set the Bing as your default search engine. After doing some real searches and getting rewards, you can redeem those rewards for free Xbox live codes. Isn’t this method is easy?

Try websites 

This is the most basic method. We have already discussed risks associated with going to the wrong portal. All the websites are obviously, not legal and valid, but you can try Swagbucks. 

Swagbucks is indeed one of the most popular websites for getting Gift cards for various portals and sites such as Walmart, Amazon, etc. And, you can use it to earn some real live free xbox codes. All you need to do is to do some tasks. You can participate in various surveys and many more. 

After getting the points, you can exchange them for Live codes. This website is a real thing that you can trust. So, not lose the opportunity and try it now.

Conclusion – Free Xbox Live Codes

So, now, we know some of the best possible as well the legitimate ways to get the free Xbox codes. We understand your passion as a gamer. And that is why we tried our best to suggest you with the best and working ways available on the internet. Yes, all these ways and methods actually work so, you do not need to worry about their authenticity. Keep your passion for gaming alive and continue to play. 

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