The finale episode of Homeland Season 8 aired on Showtime on 26 April 2020. But is it the end of the political drama? While the audience received a dramatic end to their favourite show, one of the creators have teased its return. As the finale was open-ended, the question is will there be a Homeland Season 9? Is it getting renewed one more time or this was the last and the final season?

Homeland began in 2011 as a thriller series and progressed a lot over the years. And as speculated it was the final season of the show. Though the viewers bid their final goodbye to their beloved characters, they see some room for more drama, action and thrill for this series.

If you want to know whether Homeland Season 9 will be coming or not, keep reading.

Homeland Season 8 Finale Hints the Renewal

After a perfect Season 8 finale where the show and all its characters got a conclusive ending, there are some points that one can consider for a Season renewal. Firstly, the co-developer of the show Gansa gave some hopes as he said- Never say never while quoting his co-developer, Gordon. So the viewers are expecting some more episodes of the political thriller.

Secondly, the finale of Season 8 saw an unexpected twist with Carrie Mathison going on a mission to kill her mentor, Saul Berenson. She wants to be the new informant in Russia, but her and Mandy’s future plans we don’t know. Also, we don’t know what Howard wants to do and what is going to happen next. And so to answer all these questions, Homeland Season 9 is expected.

Homeland Season 9- Renewed or Cancelled?

Homeland is one of the longest-running political-spy-thriller series on Television. It recently concluded with its eight-season. It had an epic finale episode leaving the viewers wanting for more. However, Showtime had announced way back in August 2019, that the eight instalment is going to be the last Homeland Season.

According to the makers and developers, they have tried to give justice to all their characters. And so with Homeland Season 8, they close this story. The co-developer of the series, Gansa says that it is time for the show to come to an end. Even the actors shared their heartfelt “Goodbye Note” and “Homeland Memories” on their Instagram handles.

And so we can conclude that Homeland Season 9 stays cancelled. But we can always hope for a spin-off or a special to celebrate the love and success the show received.

Wrapping Up

We are hoping for the return of Homeland Season 9, however, the chances are nil. If you have been following the show, let us know your thought of its renewal in the comment section. Also, look out for this pace for further updates.

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