After searching and looking around hundreds of Kodi addons and going through dozens of Kodi add-on repositories, we are here with a huge collection of best Kodi addons that you must install in 2019

Below you will find a huge collection of Kodi addons for Movies, TV shows, Sports, cartoons and much more.

Best Kodi Addons to Watch Movies

Let’s get started with the best Kodi add-ons for Movies.

  1. Crackle

Crackle is a brilliant Kodi add-on which provides with a streaming service which contains a varied selection of films and TV shows. Crackle Kodi add-on is free to use. The crackle Kodi add-on also has region-lock contents that mean that it won’t allow you to watch any video in a particular region. To avoid any region-lock you would have to use a VPN connection.

For example, if the content is of America and you stay outside of America, you won’t be able to watch any content available. For this reason, you need to have a VPN connection connected to an American server.

Kodi add-on

  1. Film Rise

The Film Rise acts as a distributor of TV shows and independent films. It consists of two add-ons, the Film Rise and Film Rise – YouTube. The Film Rise consists of six of their TV shows, while the Film Rise – YouTube, which allows you to watch movies or videos for free.

  1. Big Star Movies & TV

Big Star Movies offers a collection of award winning independent and foreign movies. The Big Star Movies and TV add-ons allow its users to watch all of the above mentioned directly. The service the Big Star Movies & TV give is completely legal to use.

In case, you are using the online service then there is no need to keep a credit card on file since it is only used when you need to purchase a specific movie. The payment is not required in this case, since you are using an add-on and making a payment is not done via add-ons.

  1. Snagfilms

Snagfilms contains a huge collection of documentaries and independent films. Here you will find over 5000 free-to-watch movies, all of them well organized by genre. Apart from well-known movies, you will also find some files which aren’t well known, like 2007’s Nanking, which are critically acclaimed.

  1. TubiTV 

Just like crackle, TubiTV also provides streaming service. It is one of the largest streaming video-on-demand websites around the globe. This add-on provides a library of over 50,000 titles varying from movies to TV shows. The TubiTV is free to use. The service provided by this add-on is free and supported with ads option. You can also watch TubiTV on Kodi ad free. You can watch videos on TubiTV without login.

Kodi add-on

But, you can still enjoy streaming videos ads free without any interruption since Kodi itself blocks the advertisements. In order to unlock the whole library of TubiTV, you will require a VPN. The library of TubiTV is filled with the content in the US, UK, and Canada, therefore, you will be required to bypass the regional restriction if you want to access the whole library. You can only bypass the restriction by having a VPN connection.

  1. Golden Age

This add-on is a dream come true. The Golden Age Kodi add-on not only provides content of today’s generation but also the content from the days when films were more about acting and writing than CG explosions. The content available through this add-on are free to the users.

Kodi add-on

  1. HD

If you are searching for documentaries, then Documented.HD is the place for you. The documentaries provided here are in HD quality and free for the public. You will find topics from politics to science and technology.

Kodi add-on

This add-on is one of a high quality source for those people who like to learn as well as being entertained.

  1. Black and White Movies

Who does not love to watch classical movies? People who love watching classic movies, then this Kodi add-on is just for you. The Black and White movies allow people to stream and download classical movies here. The black and White Movies Kodi add-on focusses only on making the classical movies available to the public for free. You will find the speed and quality offered by this Kodi add-on top-notch.

Third-party add-ons are,

  1. Quasar

Quasar is one of the Kodi add-on that collects all the content from peer to peer networks only. Such type of add-ons is usually riskier than the traditional link scraping alternatives. Such type of Kodi add-ons is riskier also due to the fact that it allows other devices to access your computer. Usually, peer to peer networks is not used extensively. Such type of networks are only used for sharing unlicensed content. If you want to view content from official sources, then Quasar is a bad choice.

  1. SafeHouse Movies

This add-on contains a library full of TV shows and Movies. The Safe House Movies is not officially licensed therefore if you watch any content through Safe House Movies then it will avoid the creators from profiting from their work.

  1. One Stop Films

One Stop Films contains library with a huge collection of movies but of low quality. The quality of the movies is low due to the fact that they are directly recorded form the movie theatres. If you are good with the low quality content then you can use this Kodi add-on otherwise there are several other alternatives available.

  1. Real-Movies

Real-Movies is a third party Kodi add-on. The content under this add-on is categorised by genre and video quality. While searching you might find a section named as “Old Skool”. Under this section, there are no public domain or licensed titles to watch.

  1. Supra Box

The Supra Box Kodi add-on provides its users with the links to movies, TV shows, and sports. The content provided by this Kodi add-on is poorly organized. A small portion of the Supra Box is correctly licensed, which makes it very much unsuitable for most of the users.

  1. Fine and Dandy

The Fine and Dandy Kodi add-on scraps links from several unofficial websites. In this way, it accumulates a media library.

  1. JAFMA

JAFMA is just the same as any other Kodi add-on providing with Movies to stream. Just like the Fine and Dandy, it also suffers from long loading time.

  1. Beau’s Place

Beau’s Place add-on is one of the best add-ons which provides everything that is it is an all-in-one add-on which provides with TV shows, movies, and live TV streams from around the web. However, the media library of this add-on is not organised properly. Here, you will find several categories with same names.

  1. Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark Kodi add-on provides with Horror movies. As the name suggests, the library of this add-on is packed with horror movies. However, most of the content provided is unlicensed and some have poor quality since they are directly recorded from the theatre. Due to the above reasons, it is not recommended to use Fear of the Dark Kodi add-on.

  1. Poseidon

Poseidon Kodi add-on is just like any other add-on which allows its users to stream movies and TV shows. The content provided here is well categories and divided into different sections. Whereas, you will also find playlists available. But, Poseidon does not use official sources.

Kodi add-on

  1. Falcon Project

The Falcon Project Kodi add-on have a huge collection of movies and TV shows from around the web. Just like the Poseidon Kodi add-on, it also consists of playlists.

  1. Incursion

Incursion Kodi add-on is a clone of Covenant Kodi add-on. The Incursion Kodi add-on uses unlicensed streams from third party sources. The architecture of the Incursion Kodi add-on is continued by Covenant due to which this add-on is gaining a lot of popularity. This add-on does not utilise many official sources for streaming, hence it is not recommended for use.

  1. Placenta

The Placenta add-on is somewhat similar to Incursion which is a clone of Exodus or Covenant. The Placenta is somewhat different than the Incursion Kodi add-on. Incursion is a different fork but is delivered through the same source as Neptune Rising.

  1. Oculus

Oculus is a new Kodi add-on from a third party repository. This Kodi add-on simply relies heavily on the information which is derived from TDMA. TDMA is an IMDB competitor. The content this Kodi add-on streams including the movies and TV shows come directly from unlicensed sources. Oculus Kodi add-on is not highly recommended but let us see where it goes in the coming years.

  1. Rebirth 2017

Rebirth 2017 is a fork of much older Exodus. Rebirth 2017 relies heavily on the pirated content. Since it relies on the pirated content, this Kodi add-on is not recommended. Rebirth 2017 Kodi add-on is offered by many different repositories out of which many are not trustworthy. As a result, it is strongly recommended to the users to not download this add-on.

  1. Uranus

The Uranus Kodi add-on streams TV shows and movies directly to your Kodi device. the Uranus Kodi add-on adds all the streams from unofficial sources just like most other third party add-ons. Most of the content available here do not have proper content licenses. Streaming such sources maybe dangerous alongside with the legal issues that may exist.

Kodi add-on

  1. Iron Man

Zero Tolerance team consist some of the really good, legally focussed add-ons. But, still it consists of few add-ons which do break copyrights. Iron Man Kodi add-on is just one of them which pulls in streams unofficially from various sources. However, the Iron Man Kodi add-on is not recommended for those who are looking forward to legitimate streaming options.

  1. Legacy

Legacy Kodi add-on is a successor and a fork of Exodus Kodi add-on and shares the same problem that Exodus did. Legacy Kodi add-on is not highly recommended as whenever a large amount of content is available through this add-on, very less part of it is offered from legal and official channels.

  1. The Dog’s Bollocks

The Dog’s Bollocks Kodi add-on offers a variety of content. This Kodi add-on is divided into different sections that utilise YouTube and official websites to offer legitimate streams. Most of the content provided by this Kodi add-on is illegal. And, most of the content is of poor quality as they are recorded directly from the theatres. Therefore, The Dog’s Bollocks Kodi add-on is not recommended for the Kodi users.

  1. Tombstone

Tombstone is one of the most excellent add-on. This add-on provides content related to the western movies and TV shows. Therefore, Tombstone is a real big deal for the fans of western movies and TV shows. Most of the content on this add-on comes from fully legitimate sources. Here you will find a section that comes from copyright infringing locations.

  1. Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack Kodi add-on would have been an excellent add-on if it provided content from legal sources. But, the Wolf Pack Kodi add-on highly depends upon the file lockers and streaming sites that break copyrights. You can watch movies and TV shows by using this Kodi add-on but do not forget to use a VPN connection.

  1. Little H’s Stuff

Majority of the content provided by the Little H’s Stuff Kodi add-on is copyright infringing movie streams. As per description is given by the Little H’s Stuff Kodi add-on, it says that the add-on YouTube channels and other videos. But now you know the reality. Unfortunately, since it does not have YouTube side, hence it is not recommended to use.

  1. Chronos
  2. Midian
  3. Internet Archive [Video]

Top Kodi addons for TV shows

  1. USTV Now
  2. iPlayer WWW
  3. NewsON
  4. MeTV
  5. ITV
  6. HGTV
  7. PS Vue

Third party add-ons for TV shows are

  1. UK Turk Playlists
  2. TV
  3. Fisherman’s Friend
  4. SkyNet
  5. Watch Episodes
  6. Made in Canada IPTV
  7. Falcon Ultra TV

Best Sports Kodi addons

  1. CBC Sports
  2. TV
  3. NHL TV
  4. Sportsnet Now
  5. NBA League Pass
  6. NFL Game Pass
  7. NBC Sports Live Extra
  8. NHL Rewind
  9. DAZN
  10. Sportube
  11. Golden Gloves
  12. SportsDevil
  13. Rising Tides
  14. Planet MMA
  15. Pro Sport
  16. Wrestling On Demand
  17. Motor Replays
  18. Falcon Sports
  19. The Loop

Top Cartoon addons for Kodi

  1. PBS Kids
  2. South Park
  3. Funimation Now
  4. Crunchyroll
  5. Daisuki
  6. Cartoons8
  7. 9Anime
  8. Bobbys Cartoons
  9. YouTube
  10. Reddit Viewer
  11. TED Talks
  12. HD
  13. HD
  14. SG Music Box
  15. Documentary Storm
  16. The Red Pill
  17. VOD on YouTube
  18. Ultimate Whitecream

Best miscellaneous Kodi add-ons

  1. PlayOn Browser
  2. Plex
  3. Trakt
  4. ZT Fitness
  5. Air and Space Smithsonian
  6. Indigo
  7. MetalliQ
  8. Ivue TV guide

Best maintenance Kodi add-ons

  1. Ares Wizard
  2. Smash Wizard
  3. ECHO Wizard
  4. Supreme Builds Wizard
  5. Exodus
  6. Covenant
  7. 1Channel
  8. 123Movies
  9. 1080p Movies
  10. Duckpool
  11. Swa-DESI
  12. Bennu
  13. Yes Movies
  14. Supremacy
  15. Quantum
  16. Quantum Live
  17. Bubbles
  18. treamhub
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