All gaming freaks know about Steam and have their eyes on the platform waiting for their favorite game to come. But why? Why is Steam so popular amongst gaming enthusiasts? Did you know about Steam and Steam wallet before? Let us dig a little deep to know more about this platform and how you can get free Steam Wallet codes. Steam basically is a digital distribution platform of video games. Launched in September 2003, Steam brings you all the paid video games for free. 

Yes, you read that right. Instead of spending your money on buying the latest video games, get some points to buy the Steam codes, which act like money coupons for your video game. Not only you can earn these points for free, and then using these points you can get Steam Wallet codes for free. 

What is a Steam Wallet?

Steam Wallet Codes in 2021

The steam wallet is like a bank account that stores your money that you need to make a purchase on the Steam platform. So you can buy games, content, and other downloadable stuff from the site. You get an individual wallet that you can fill with cash, credit or Steam gift cards or Wallet codes. And if you have a latter in your wallet then you need no money. Just like any other gift certificate, you can redeem the Steam Wallet codes on this platform to purchase anything.

At the Steam Store, you can make great purchases without any worry and be the game-changer in the gaming world. 

How to Redeem Steam Wallet Codes in 2021?

Steam Free Wallet Code generators

If you have gift cards of enough value or Steam codes in the wallet, then you can redeem it to buy any game or content on this platform. The following steps are latest quite easy-

Step 1- If you have a Steam account them log in to your account of Sign up. 

Step 2-At the upper right corner, you will find your Username. Click on it.

Step 3-Then click on the Account Details. From the right side, click on the “Add Funds to your Steam Wallet” option. 

Step 4-Enter the wallet code that you have. Choose the Redeem option. 

Your code will be redeemed and now you can make your purchases. 

Latest Methods to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

There are different ways by which you can get Steam Wallet Codes for free. Different websites make you complete their company’s surveys and forms, and reward you with points. You can use these points to buy Steam codes. So what are these websites? Let us have a look at the 10 best websites to get Steam Wallet codes for free.  

Get free steam wallet codes in 2021

Swagbucks – Best platform to get free steam wallet codes

Use Swagbucks to Earn Free Steam Wallet Codes

Swagbucks is one of the best platforms to earn rewards for completing some easy tasks. It is not only popular, but one of the largest websites that dominates the Internet. You can earn Swags on this platform. It is their type of currency that you earn through various methods. Without any human verification code, you can exchange these Swags for codes. To get free Steam codes you need to complete the tasks lie answering some surveys or watching videos. 

Swagbucks have brand links with Amazon and so you can even earn Amazon gift cards. It is one of the easiest and reliable sources to get codes for free. 


Another platform that is liked and trusted by many is the InboxDollars. It asks you to sign up with the platform and then perform some tasks to earn those extra Steam wallet codes. It includes tasks like playing games, watching videos, reading emails and completing some surveys. By completing such tasks you get real cash that you can either transfer to your account or use it to but Steam codes and gift cards. 

When you sign up, you get a bonus of $5, which is followed by exciting rewards. 


GrabPoints is another well-known platform to earn instant money. Packed with some great features, GrabPoints also hosts multiple options for its users to earn rewards and cash. You can participate in paid surveys, download apps, complete offers, refer to friends, or watch videos to earn rewards. Yes, by watching TV, testing different applications, downloading stuff, or answering questions you will receive payments. When you receive enough points, you can exchange it for Steam codes.

GrabPoints is one of the best methods to get Steam Wallet Codes in 2021 as it is well-established and quite active on social media. 

Also, if you are a hardcore gamer, you’d like to read How to get free V bucks in Fortnite?

PointPrizes – An expert recommended site to get free steam wallet codes

Earn Money from PintsPrizes

Another site that is recommended by experts to earn codes is PointPrizes. Just like other sites, at PontPrizes you will find various tasks that you can complete to earn rewards or points. It is the simplest and easiest platform to work with. You just have to sign up with PointPrizes and start completing the given tasks. The site hosts chores like signing up with newsletters, completing surveys and more. Within an hour you will earn enough points to exchange it for Steam Wallet codes.  

It is a legit site that gives payouts easily. Also, your earning depends on your location. So if you are situated in North America or Europe then you can earn better and more easily. 


Rakuten or Ebates, unlike previously mentioned sites, is a cashback site. It uses affiliate links to connect with more than 5,000 stores. So when you shop at this site, you get a cashback. A few years ago, Ebates was acquired by Rakuten and since then it is known by the latter name. The platform even notifies you and directs you to different websites where you can get the product at low price. After signing up with Ebates, you even get a $10 bonus. 

You can constantly mount up cash and gift cards by shopping at different stores affiliated with Rakuten. 


Prizerebel: Steam Gift Crads for Free

Another fantastic website that rewards you with points on completing questionnaires and surveys is PrizeRebel. It has paid about $17 million to the people for sharing their opinions and completing surveys. It has a user base of more than 8 million people who are benefitting from the rewards. You can easily start earning points and go stronger with time. Just enter the details correctly and sign up. There are huge number of surveys and offers available on PrizeRebel. 

It is not a scam and offers authentic content and tasks to complete. You can easily earn steam wallet codes by giving a little time from your day. Apart from free Steam codes, you can also earn Amazon and Netflix gift cards, PSN codes for free.    


Dosh works on the same principle as that of Rakuten. They offer cashback to the users but without causing any trouble. So you don’t have to save the receipt of your shopping or take a picture and share it with them Just provide them with your credit card details and they will track your bill. They will then apply the cashback applicable to your bill and then even transfer the amount to your account. So anytime you shop at the store linked with Dosh, you get a cashback without even applying for.

Also, when you sign up with Dosh, they give you an instant $5 bonus or PayPal cash to the linked account. 



MistPlay as the name says rewards you with points for playing games. Android device is all that you need. It is very simple to earn rewards on MistPlay. You just have to try new games and pay them. MistPlay gives you certain units on playing and winning the different games. You can use these units and exchange it for Steam codes. Isn’t it cool?

MistPlay is one of the easiest methods to get Steam Wallet Codes in 2021, especially this year when we all are spending a lot of time at home. 


Another great option for those who love online shopping is Ibotta. And so each time you go shopping you get a cashback. It is a great app that has rewarded its users with $600 million and more. You can either install the Ibotta extension or shop from their app. Refer the platform to others and earn extra. When you are saving so much, then use it to buy the Steam codes and enjoy. It also gives you the option of sharing your receipt so the app checks whether you are eligible for cashback or not.

So when you signup with Ibotta it gives you a bonus of $10, and when your friends’ signup with the platform through your link, you get $5 more.


MyPoints to get free steam wallet codes is another gamer-favorite platform to earn Steam wallet codes in 2021. Here you can conduct surveys, negotiate and buy steam codes or play games to get gift cards. It hosts some famous brands like Etsy, Sephora, and more for which you can complete surveys and enjoy their offers. It works a little differently from the other cashback websites. So instead of giving you an instant cashback, it rewards you with points that you can later use to redeem and earn cashback or buy Steam codes.  

When you complete your first five surveys, you get $5.

Wrapping Up

The websites mentioned above are legit and offer you different chances to earn points and rewards for steam codes. Other than these, there are some platforms that provide you with free steam codes but they may or may not work. So be careful and do not fall into any scam.

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