Have you ever watched The Matrix and gotten really excited at the scene where Neo says, “Guns. Lots of guns,”? Well, if gun-fu is your thing and you want to prove your worth as the best shot in the world, Destiny 2 is the game you should be playing. Unlike other games, you have all the skills necessary to become the king of bullets.

Also, unlike other games, the objective is not to level up and get stronger. Instead, to show your worth and skill level, you earn badges and titles by completing objectives. These are displayed when people check out your character, and you need to earn some specific ones to get into the higher tiers of play.

Now earning the Flawless badge is an achievement in and of itself, so if you’ve done that, congratulations! However, things can always get better. In this article, we will tell you how to gild that Flawless badge you have. If you haven’t got one, you might want to consider getting a Destiny 2 trial to carry to lighten the load a bit because the road to gilding is going to be arduous!

How to Gild the Flawless Title

It might seem like a small thing, having the words appear in a golden font instead of the usual fare, but that gilding will skyrocket your value as a player. There are a few different things you will have to do to get your Flawless gilding, so let’s take a look at them all:

Defeat Guardians in Trials Matches

This Triumph is called Lighthouse Warrior, and that is exactly what you will need to become to get this one locked down. In essence, you have to kill 180 Guardians in Trials of Osiris. The good thing here is that this Triumph can be completed passively just by doing the grinds. You will be playing a lot to achieve some of these Triumphs, so if you get a few kills in every match, you will be able to progress pretty well on this Triumph.

Guide Others to Their First Flawless

When you get your first Flawless chest at the Lighthouse, you will find therein an emblem called Light For The Lost. Equip this. You’ll be needing this for the next step, which is to lead players who haven’t yet had their first Flawless ticket to this goal. Narratively, you are showing the light to those who are lost in the valley of darkness and guiding them to a better place where they can live a better life. Mechanically, you are carrying people who haven’t yet reached your level.

In the meta, it used to be that you couldn’t have this achievement if the player you were carrying had achieved Flawless in previous seasons, but that requirement has been done away with in order to make way for better progression all around.

Besting the Empyrean

Like the last item on the list, you will have to equip the Flawless Empyrean emblem for this Triumph. You get this from your first Flawless chest at the Lighthouse, and with this equipped, win seven games while holding a seven wins ticket. This is not as hard as it sounds because the game no longer tracks losses. So, just get your seven wins and then play as many Trials as you can. The game won’t reset the passage until you grow tired or the weekend ends.

Earn Rewards from Saint-14

Any rewards you earn during Trials will be given to you by Saint-14. To get the achievement titled Guardian, I Have Gift For You, you have to gain a lot of rewards. Technically, you have to get a hundred rewards, but in reality, this number is far less than all that. The trick to getting this done quickly is to earn Trials Engrams. Equip Passage of Wealth and go to town on Trials. When you get Trials, Saint-14 gives you Exotic Engrams, which will come in handy. You also earn masterwork materials and upgrade modules, so it’s worth it.

Everyone Loves Exotics

You need to get your hands on an Exotic weapon to complete this Triumph. Now, note that these Exotics must have been released during this season and this season only. Things you earned during Witch Queen do not count. So, the only legal Exotics are Grand Overture and Dead Messenger. You need to have one of these equipped on your card at the end of every win, and to earn this Triumph, you need to complete a Flawless Passage. Once you do that, you’ll have been gilded properly.


To gild Flawless, you really need to be on top of your PvP game and not give an inch. The game really tests your skills when you decide to gild Flawless, but it will feel like an achievement when you’re at the end of all your trials, and the gold lights up those words. And now that you know how to go about it, do your best and get it done!

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