At one point in life, you have to look for a job in order to earn a living. Beforehand, it’s always good to research a company even before you go for an interview. It’s very important to do this task as it is necessary to get more information on a company than the one that turns to be obvious, especially that found on the internet.

Researching companies near me is an important skill that a job seeker should learn. The level of research skills may break or make your job search; thus, it’s vital to always improve research skills every time. Research skills will help you to search for a new job, get your dream job; in addition, it helps you to solve some situations in the future in life.

Getting ample information is a critical thing in jobseeking. The more info you have, the easier it becomes for you as it enhances your chances of getting a job or success in life. Employers value candidates who know and have more about their companies. This means that job seekers have great interest and enthusiasm to work for that company as well as working for you.

Below are tips that you require in researching a company even before attending an interview


Get into the real world by networking to see how much information you can get. This gives you a competitive edge when compared to other candidates during an interview. Having done a though research on company information makes the employer get a better impression on the job you are seeking in his company.

It’s now easy to research a company and learn more about your potential employer even before the job interview. This can be done by taking the time to learn and get as much information as possible on the internet.

Set aside time to research

It is vital to know that research takes lots of time. It’s recommended that you have to set a few hours aside in order to do some research. If that not possible, you can have a few breaks that are dedicated to research. Each break you should do a different part of the company such as about the company, history management, among others.

Understand the type of company

If you are a fresh graduate or you would like to have some change in your career, you can search for firms that suit your interests, knowledge, and skills. This can be done by visiting some websites that give a list of companies that you might get interested in, and you may start with. By doing so, you can research, explore the best firm you can work for. You can navigate each and every company review as you list down the best you can apply for a job. This helps you to get that organization that may fit your goals, objectives as well as your passion.

Learn the company’s business operations

This is an important aspect that you should research on a company. This includes how the company makes its money, its clients, consumers who buy their services or products, their reviews, and rates. How old is the company in the business, is it a start-up, how long has it been there, what it a growth rate, what industry does the company fall in? Answering these questions gives the best idea of the company you are researching. That’s its stability, success rates, and also some critical concerns of the company.

In the case of public companies, they have all the company’s information on their websites. You can also access their financial information, office location, and headquarters as well as how the company is organized. Public companies usually post their financial results annually and other important documents online, such as acquisitions mergers funding, community social responsibilities, sponsorships, and their competitive landscape.

Research, the company’s leadership

Whenever a company gets your interest, it is good to know its leadership structure and who is leading it. You can do research on the top employees as well as those who hold top positions in the organization. This can be found o their websites, particularly on the about us page. You can get staff biography on the firm’s websites, firms directors, heads of departments, their roles, and posts. Whether there are prepared to represent the companies brand. On that note, you may find some articles written by the company leaders; thus, they may offer more insight into the company.

Social Media Accounts

It is good to check firm social media handles such as Twitter, Face book accounts. Most of the companies communicate through social media; they post news as well as job post and vacancies. They still post some of their pictures doing social work and directors. Social media shows more about the company’s organizational culture as well as the people who work there. Sometimes in an interview, they may ask how you came to know about them, and you can tell him something that attracted your attention on social media such as team building.

SWOT analysis

The best way to show that you know about the company to the interview is to articulate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat about the company. This gives them an insight that you are much interested in the company as compared to working with their competitors’. The other thing you should know about the company is its mission, vision, motto, this you can get it the about us page on the companies website. It recommends that you should learn how different they are from others, their core values and the company’s completive advantage.

Company’s culture

While researching a company is important to know about organization culture, this can be found on the company’s website and social media. You can also get more information from external sources. This help you know how the company does its interviews get to know both positive and negative reviews people say about that firm you can sample out some of the questions that are asked during interviews and grow many they are.

Last but not least you should have ample information on the company in so doing it increases your confidence level especially when you are called for in an interview, dress accordingly and have your documents to prove your necessary skill and knowledge that you are to bring into the company.

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