The free email client from Mozilla is hardly suitable for business needs. Outlook, on the other hand, comes with enhanced security, exchange server support, email scheduling, and other functions that are obligatory for professional email software. Email transfer is a reasonable thing to do.

The reasons prompting companies to switch are thus obvious. With Thunderbird, there are no Calendar or Tasks, and employees cannot even access email from mobile devices. Discover the best way to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook at with an effective tool for the procedure. But can you do it yourself?

Manual Steps

Despite everyone’s natural desire to get and do stuff for free, do not expect to cope with the process without third-party utilities. You will at least need a converter to obtain the PST files for your Outlook. In the case of dragging and dropping, here is where you start:

  1. Create a desktop folder and name it.
  2. Fire up Thunderbird and move the required emails to this new folder via drag-and-drop.
  3. Now run Outlook.
  4. This time, transport all the content of the newly created folder into your Outlook folder.

This sequence will only work on Outlook 2010, or 2016-2013. The method does not guarantee accurate and complete conversion of data, especially in the case of sizable files.

Alternatively, try the lengthy IMAP method.

  1. Hit Settings in your Gmail.
  2. Choose Forwarding POP/IMAP.
  3. Switch on the IMAP server.
  4. Head to Thunderbird Account settings.
  5. Hit the Email button under “Create a new account.”
  6. Choose “Skip this and configure with existing email.”
  7. Hit “Continue” in the Mail Account Setup window.
  8. In the pop-up window, activate the IMAP server and hit “Done.”
  9. Create a special Gmail folder and export the Thunderbird data.
  10. Configure Outlook to Gmail via IMAP server.
  11. Download data from Gmail.

This method is still imperfect, as data may not stay intact.

Why You Need Special Tools

In comparison with specialized programs, manual methods are inferior and often unsafe. Here are some benefits of professional transfer utilities.

Intuitive user interface

Clarity is essential. There will be no technical jargon, confusing checkboxes or mind-boggling complexity. Even inexperienced users will find the procedure simple.

Automated location and conversion of data

If the process were manual, you would need to locate all the emails and attachments in your system. What further complicates the matters is the uneven distribution of your Thunderbird data across the installation folder. Locating the right MSF files is challenging enough, but when you see no logic on their placement, you may feel frustrated.


The tool will guide you through the multiple steps of conversion, which makes it indispensable for users unfamiliar with the procedures. It ensures smooth completion of each stage, with minimal probability of human error.

Protection of information

With third-party services, you cannot be sure that your sensitive data is safe. With the program installed on your PC, there is no danger. All your emails will stay with you.

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