Nowadays, activities require speed and accuracy. Whatever you do – you should be the most productive possible, and one of the ways to reach such performance is doing things remotely. For this, multiple services exist, and one of them is video conferencing. But not all the solutions for video calls provide a sufficient quality level to use them routinely. But this statement is drastically controversial to the iMind approach.

What features does iMind offer?

The iMind platform is one of the industry leaders in 2022. The G2 reviews rate proves this fact. It is self-explanatory because iMind provides features that help perform tasks of any level without trouble. The balance of the functions in each plan corresponds to reasonable sufficiency for the goals the users may have.

For greater clarity, look at the following free plan features:

  • possibility to create up to ten conference rooms for no charge;
  • invitees limit is a hundred people;
  • unlimited simultaneous screen display;
  • calls recording and cloud storage (the period of storage is limited in the free plan);
  • opportunity to define the number of attendees before the conference has started.

These functions are variable depending on the plan you subscribe to. There are also default features that provide high communication quality whichever subscription you choose (i. e. in the free use as well):

  • high quality of the video and sound transmitted;
  • suppression of the background noise;
  • intuitive interface allowing them to work easily, even if users are not skilled;
  • web and desktop versions to enhance your comfort and mobility;
  • 24-hour maximum durability.

Thus, the platform reveals itself as multifunctional and multipurpose. 

What to use the iMind platform for?

To understand more clearly for what purposes you can use this solution, let’s refer to the most popular video conferencing functions. Usually, video meetings are helpful when you have to discuss, tell, or present something. So it is logical to assume that iMind is relevant for:

  • business – the functionality provides plenty of opportunities for teamwork and one-on-one meetings, which are always present in any business activity;
  • studying – you can hold group or individual lessons with comfort in presenting the new material and checking how students perceive the knowledge;
  • personal needs – seamless connection and conference durability allow you to talk with your friends and family with pleasure.

In other words, you can use the iMind platform for any purpose. This solution is designed for professional business use, and depending on your level. You can choose the plan to raise your productivity.

There are four subscription variations available:

  1. Use for no charge – we’ve mentioned the functions above.
  2. “Pro” – suggested for small teams (adds online chat, concurrent recording of several meetings, extends the limits, etc.).
  3. “Business” – the functions are helpful for bigger companies.
  4. “Enterprise” – for large organizations.

To learn more about the pricing, visit the website.

Choosing a tool for video meetings, remember two criteria: features diversity and connection reliability. The iMind app has both, and that’s why it provides top services for reasonable prices. 

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