Adapting to changing times can lead to many establishments facing new processes within their businesses. Keeping up with the times, staying at the forefront of innovation, and consistently offering customers useful services are some of the hardest challenges businesses face. Many establishments unable to partake in the market changes due to financial restraints, an internally rigid business structure, or a variety of other reasons will often feel the result of it by experiencing lower sales over time. 

This article aims to shed light on how changing times can affect business, which securities, such as blockchain software and hardware wallets, protect players, and how initially advanced website development has given rise to some of the best online casino no deposit bonuses in MI with newfound technical agility and flexibility.

The Fact of the Matter

For businesses facing change, the choice will be to run at a lower profit, try to cut costs, invest in changes to become more modern or ultimately close doors. Those are the four options available to businesses facing new industry standards. 

It becomes especially apparent with the wave of technology in this digital age. Technology is often a very unknown area for business owners, as they are not tech gurus. It’s difficult to make sense of it for anyone not technically inclined, and changes often happen instantaneously, as this is a field that never sleeps. Not to mention the high cost often involved in technical or software updates.

This is what the casino industry has managed to do effortlessly over the last few decades. Most people connected gambling, for example, with a brick-and-mortar casino, a strong Negroni, and a night out on the town in their finest clothes. Over time, the standard lowered slightly to business attire dress codes implemented by casinos, but the glitz and glamour faded away. With the introduction of technology, real-life casinos are experiencing fewer visitors, and there has been a surge in online casinos. With the first ever online casino being introduced in 1994, coupled with the dawn of CryptoLogic, one of the first software to keep transactions safe, online gambling became the newest fashion. 

This leads to one of the most pivotal moments in the history of technology within online casinos – financial safety.

Financial Security and Safety

One of the biggest reasons that can be attributed to the rise in online casinos is the security measures technology can offer. Online casino gaming would be nothing without financial anonymity, transactional security, and the protection of sensitive data. 

Blockchain is one of the most important software to date, especially in the realm of player safety. This technology protects the financial security of players and enables transactional anonymity. The blockchain stores transactional information on a public ledger, which keeps a record of every single financial move but is only accessible through a special key configuration by authorized persons. It is a piece of technology that is essentially set up in a chain of blocks, each block containing private data. Due to the nature of the interlinking blocks within one chain, any hacker or cybercriminal looking to access information will run into a highly advanced security wall. Any block that is attempted to be tampered with will automatically notice this, encrypt the data even more and the whole chain will become completely inaccessible to hacking attempts. 

Another area that keeps players safe is the hardware wallet, one of the most loved forms of tech for players. The upgraded version of the initial software wallet, hardware wallets, allows players to keep their coins, tokens, cryptocurrencies, and financials completely safe from hackers. The player’s sensitive data is stored on an external piece, such as a hard drive or a large USB. The benefit of this is that it is not embedded in a laptop or computer software, which would be much easier to hack into. This keeps players safe from any malicious intent by a party looking to access private information and potentially steal from players.

Upgraded Technology From the Get-go

Approaching website development and software choice is often one of the first steps in the inception of an online casino. Before going online, casinos need to decide how they want their website to run, operate, and engage with players. One of the most innovative avenues in web development is called ‘headless technology.’ It is time-consuming and expensive to implement, but it has massive long-term benefits for online casinos. Some of the most innovative technologies and software are implemented in the back-end servers of online casinos. 

Headless is the act of decoupling the back-end server with the front-end server of a website. The back end is the part that customers never engage with, but that back end software developers or anyone needing to make changes to a website needs to be able to access. The front-end is the area where customers spend their time. It is the interface they use to play games and is by far the most important part for players. Usually, the back and front ends of websites are joined, meaning that any background change often results in a ‘temporarily closed’ webpage for players. Resulting in massive financial losses for casinos with every software update they need to implement. 

The headless route divorces these two avenues, meaning that developers can go in an update or make important changes to the website without the end consumer, the player, ever getting a whiff of the site being worked on. This means that sales and transactions can continue without ever stopping gameplay – a massive benefit to businesses. 

The reason this is so important is because online casinos face huge competition. One of the only ways to stay as one of the front runners is to be able to make quick changes to your website. The introduction of a special welcome package deal would usually take a non-headless website weeks to implement and result in the website’s server being down for a few days. With headless, online casinos can add quick deals for their customers to see in an instant and without ever disrupting their play. Making for a massive competitive advantage.

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