Toys are prone to get dirty, specifically those cutesy giant white teddy bears. While toddlers probably suck their hands and ears, adults tend to squish them just to make them adjust where they, themselves, have been seated. This overuse gets them quickly dirty.

Besides, since many of us tend to use teddy bears to beautify our room decor, there is a high chance they might be covered with dust since we prefer not to move them from their set places. These were a few of the most basic reasons teddies are prone to get dirty. But you might be thinking, how are we supposed to clean them? Particularly those giant teddy bears?

Well, don’t worry. Cleaning teddy bears is actually easier than you think. Below we have summarized the entire cleaning process merely in five steps, for your ease. Have a look!

Step 1: Scrutinize the care label

The first step of cleaning your teddy is to scrutinize their care label to ensure whether they are qualified for home cleaning or mandate store wash.

Generally, white teddy bears are qualified for home wash. So if you find the care label affirming your intentions, it is probably to get started with some actual work.

Step 2: Soaking the teddy

After reading the care label, the next step in the cleaning process is to soak the teddy. Ensure you soak them entirely, or if there are some restrictions mentioned on the care label, ensure you abide by them. It is important because we are sure you wouldn’t want to lose your teddy. After all, the care instructions slipped out of your mind.

Ensure the whole teddy gets soaked. This would help as you move forward with your cleaning process.

Step 3: Pour liquid detergent

After soaking your teddy bear, it is time to pour the liquid detergent on them. It is suggested to use liquid detergent to preserve the fur and softness of the teddy bear. Solid cloth cleaning soaps can be too harsh for the fur. Plus, they demand to be scrubbed on the material to produce lather. This could destroy the texture of the material, as the ones used for teddy bears are pretty soft and delicate.

Make sure you use detergent moderately and gently rub on the material to produce lather and tenderly dab a little extra on the stained part.

Step 4: Cleanse off the surplus lather

Once you witness the stains cleansing off, it is time to damp them again to clean off the surplus lather. Remember, you aren’t supposed to dump the teddy onto a tub beneath the tap. This could destroy its material quality. So, fill the tub and soak the teddy bear, gently removing the excess lather.

Step 5: Air dry

Last but the most important step of the entire cleaning process is air drying. Once you are done cleaning and scrubbing, it’s time to air dry your teddy bear. Air dry is the only suggested process because blow drying could leave its inner layout drenched, damaging the toy. So, make sure you proffer sufficient time and get them to air-dry.

Now that you understand how to clean a teddy bear, make sure to abide by the norms and clean yours too. Perhaps if you don’t have one, look here to buy one today!

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