Since essay writing is a prevalent assignment in academia, it would be reasonable to assume that students know all nuts and bolts of such a task and can complete it single-handedly. But the reality is, essay writing tends to be challenging for many learners, making it an everyday struggle. As a result, those who can’t cope with such assignments turn to academic services, saying, “write paper for me, please.” Others try to handle the tasks themselves, though they face lots of difficulties along the way. One of the gravest pitfalls that students experience is coming up with a topic that can hook the readers and keep them on the edge of their seats. So how do you develop it and make a topic outstanding? Let’s find out.

Think of your interests and strengths

First and foremost, if you are free to choose any subject for your paper, think of what you are good at. Writing about things that interest you will make you more engaged and invested. You may choose to write about a matter you are knowledgeable in. Or you can pick a topic that is entirely unknown yet thrilling to you. Simply start by researching the area you find stunning. Although this first step may look vague, it will do its job later on.

Keep your audience in mind

You are not the only one who determines whether the topic is mind-blowing. Your readers equally play a pivotal role in that. With that in mind, ensure analyzing the audience when developing a topic for an essay. First, evaluate how old your readers are. This will help you find out their habits, preferences, and interests. Besides, you will be able to adjust your writing style to their daily language.

When assessing an audience, think about what they would be interested in. Suppose you plan to write about history. In that case, ask yourself what period would be the most relevant to describe. Also, take the role of a reader and try to think of what you would like to know, what problems you would like to solve, and what questions you would have for the writer.

Dive into the area and narrow it down

So, you have analyzed your readers and approximately know which direction to head. Still, you haven’t decided on a topic. What you want to do now is start researching the area. Begin with widely known academic web pages, Google Scholar, for instance. Look for material related to what you want to write about. Then, move toward more specialized web pages. For history, that would be articles published in historical journals or books.

Brainstorm ideas

Once you do research and decide on a topic, it is time to brainstorm ideas. Brainstorming is a way to produce ideas and discuss concepts. It is a common way to come up with unique thoughts. Dozens of brainstorming techniques exist these days, so even the pickiest person will choose one. What we find the most effective is:

  • Freewriting
  • Mind-mapping
  • Clustering
  • Listing
  • Rapid ideation

They are all different, requiring various approaches. Select the one you find the best for you.

Create a working thesis statement

Sometimes, it is better to start writing an essay without a precise topic in your mind. We recommend you begin with a thesis statement. A thesis points out the main argument the entire paper will develop. Although it usually goes as the last sentence of an introduction, creating it in the first place will be helpful. And coupled with brainstorming, you will manage to create an exclusive, splendid, and great topic for your paper.


Essays are omnipresent in academia. And even though students spawn too many papers, they still find it problematic to complete them, especially when developing an exciting topic. Indeed, coming up with a subject isn’t effortless. It requires time and attention from a writer. If you can relate to the issue, use the following tips. They will help you create a spectacular topic quickly.

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