There is one unavoidable moment in every student’s life – the time to write a resume. A well-structured resume doubles your chances of landing a job. It demonstrates all the necessary information an employer needs to know about you. Usually, a resume contains a short bio, education, work experience, additional skills, etc. Sometimes, one wants to add as much information as possible, including irrelevant elements that people don’t need to know. Let’s take a closer look at a college resume you want to have, tips to make it that way, and helpful resume writing services you may need.


Because you are a college student, the first section of your resume should be dedicated to education. Here, you need to be accurate and include all the critical info about your studies. That is, the four core components of a section about education are:

  • Academic performance
  • Awards
  • Achievements
  • Average

By emphasizing your academic record, you demonstrate that you are hardworking and persevering with a clear goal in mind.

Extracurricular activities

A typical resume would have had a job section coming right after education. Many students make such a mistake, writing about work experience. Professionals from one of the best college writing services,, give a good piece of advice, “Since you have limited work experience, it is reasonable to leave this section aside for a while and review it later. Instead, focus on extracurricular activities.” Enumerate what you were and are involved in. This can be everything, starting from sports and clubs and ending with volunteering and non-official gatherings. The point is to prove that you are initiative, social, and participate in various events.

Leadership experience

Employers seek leaders that can act on their own if need be. Therefore, the next section you want to write about is leadership experience. In it, let everyone know that you were in a position where a specific situation depended on you. That is, you could be the head of a team, captain, class president, etc. You could even be responsible when a teacher was absent! Such positions demonstrate your responsibilities and that you can take the role of a leader and keep the situation under control at any given circumstances.

Relevant jobs

Only after you describe your academic-related matters can you move toward job experience. When you are a student, employers realize that you don’t have lots of relevant experience. And they usually don’t require having one. But suppose you have gained some skills. In that case, it is essential to mention them. For example, served internships would give you plenty of credit. Don’t include completely unrelated jobs.

Start with an impressive executive summary

To make your resume purposeful from the very beginning, kick it off with an executive summary. It is a brief paragraph about you, your skillset, and your goals. When writing it, use action verbs to demonstrate that you have aspirations to take up challenging tasks.

Describe what makes you eligible for the post

Your resume might be clear enough that you are a perfect fit for the post. Yet, you can write a section describing the skills that make you eligible for the job to prove that you are determined. Also, highlight the in-demand abilities that you have. They might play a significant role in your application.

Ensure mentioning how you can contribute

Aside from depicting what you are capable of, explain how you can apply your knowledge and improve the company. How can you contribute to the team? Can you raise its sales, improve colleagues’ workflow, make them more productive, or make the company more client-oriented? How can you do it? Questions need clear answers, so ensure being accurate and straight to the point.

And that’s it. The mentioned are pivotal elements of a college resume. Remember to put them in the correct order when building your document. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and help them be hired.

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