The sci-fi genre in the gaming industry is blessed with many titles. They belong to various sub-genres and bring all kinds of stories to players. Some are post-apocalyptic while others offer a brighter future to the player. But all of them are good games. The iconic ones will stand out because of their features and if you’re looking for such games then you’ll need to consider these titles:

Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas is one of the many post-apocalyptic games that can be classified as a sci-fi title. You as well as other survivors need to make it into New Vegas, a post-apocalyptic Sin City after a nuclear bomb has been dropped. You’ll face various kinds of characters and challenges. If you’re up for it, you can visit the few new casinos on the Strip and enjoy their games.

The Las Vegas we know of is far from a post-apocalyptic future. But most casino enthusiasts are enjoying their favorite casino games online. They go for what they’re comfortable with but also explore other games and genres. Regardless if it’s poker, blackjack, slots, or something else this page or that will have them covered. The main thing to remember about these sites and games is to enjoy them responsibly.

Dead Space

If you’re looking for a horror and sci-fi experience then the iconic Dead Space game is right up your alley. You’ll take the role of Isaac, an engineer who’s been dispatched to find out what has happened to a mining facility deep in space. It seems there are no survivors so Isaac and his crew begin investigating. In the first minutes of the game, you get introduced to the Necromorphs, the creatures that have ravaged the facility.

As you fix various departments of the facility you’ll also search for Nicole, your girlfriend, whose message prompted you to come to the facility. It’s a revolutionary horror game as it takes scaring you very seriously. Also, it’s a game where you’ll need to kill the creature by cutting off their limbs. Also, there are no loading scenes when you enter or leave an area. In the end, you’ll find out about the Marker and the truth about Nicole.

Half-Life 2

There isn’t a sci-fi games list that doesn’t contain a Half-Life title regardless if it’s the first or second one. Half-Life: Alyx is the prequel-sequel game that all fans had been waiting for and it was released in 2020. In Half-Life 2 you take the role of Gordon Freeman again as you’re pit against the Combine which is another alien race that’s ruling over humanity.

The mysterious G-man is part of your journey in pivotal moments. You’ll meet all kinds of characters in the game as you go through the story. Also, you’ll get a lot of puzzles you need to solve. Once you’ve finished the game you can go for Episode 1 and Episode 2 which are the sequels to it. What makes these games amazing is their simplicity and great storytelling which is something that most titles today lack.

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