It is possible to create a business account at TikTok through your account settings. After registration, the user was asked to go to the author’s account and test the main functionality.

How to connect a business page in TikTok

After registration, the user immediately has access to the status: “Author”. That is, it will not be possible to make a personal profile, but the page can be closed with the privacy settings.

A business account has advantages:

  • access to an exclusive catalog of music. Those tracks that were originally paid and included in the list of “Commercial”;
  • analytics. Advanced statistics for audience tracking;
  • access to tips and tricks. Separate platform for authors;
  • creation of advertising offers. Mostly through the computer version.

Business page owners can create promotions via the computer version. This type of profile is appropriate if it is intended for a brand, company, or personal store.

Go to TikTok – press three strips on top.

Settings – Account Management.

Go to Business – Next.

Specify a category – fill in the contact information.

Confirm adding.

In contrast to the personal one, the author gets access to additional sections of the biography, message settings, and a creative platform. The last item includes a special tab where examples of other people’s advertising campaigns are placed.

Differences between author, business, and personal

The personal page is not intended to be viewed by other users. This is a hidden profile that you can subscribe to only at the request of the author. But to make your page completely closed, you need to go to the “Privacy” settings and select the item: “Private profile”.

The author’s account is established after registration and the owner of the page gets access:

  • viewing analytics under each of your videos;
  • general statistics on the profile;
  • a platform for authors to find inspiration;
  • function: “Questions and Answers”.

Business, unlike the “Author”, opens up payment options and is also aimed at communicating with Tiktok followers. That is, you can configure the function: “Quick replies” to automatically reply to subscribers.

Basic tools: settings

When choosing a personal account or business in TikTok, you need to refer to the main settings. In the business profile, they are located in the computer version.

To go to the functionality and see:

Log in to TikTok from the computer version.

Log in – click on your avatar icon.

Business Suite – go to analytic data.

View the platform for authors and more.

The main tools for working with a business account are located in the computer version. There, the account owner can go to the TikTok Business Center, which aims to create advertising campaigns.

Account description and registration in TikTok

In addition to the internal functionality, the user will have additional columns in the profile. They are necessary to attract subscribers to the site, tell more about the activities of the account.

Web site. Make a link to your store, blog;

category. What type is the business profile;

questions and answers from the “Author” functions.

To make an interesting business page on TikTok and launch advertising in the future, the owner needs to replace the avatar and write a description that will attract products and services.

Go to your profile – click “Change”.

Install a new avatar – fill in the “Description” section.

Insert a link from the site – connect social networks.

You can create a creative splash screen with Canva. The service has an option with creating a background for TikTok, a section with screensavers.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the functions that a business profile provides, there are also disadvantages:

Advantages disadvantages:

Launching your own advertising Difficulty creating an account in TikTok Ads Manager

Official support from the community To become a member of the affiliate program, you need to apply and meet the specified conditions

Detailed analytics Accessibility via computer version

The ability to develop your account faster Advertising budget spending, regular tests

Platform for inspiration, watching videos of competitors Rarely updated, old advertising campaigns appear

TikTok Ads Manager functionally resembles Facebook Ads Manager, where there are two options for launching ads: simplified and advanced. But unlike Facebook, TikTok immediately offers several roles for managing an advertising profile.

Also, in the list of countries, not all have been updated and gained access. Users from different countries will have to wait until access to advertising campaigns appears. When registering an advertising account, you need to fill in the information in detail, which includes data about the company or brand itself. That is, officially registered identifiers that will be verified within a few days.

How to remove the status of a business in TikTok

You can deactivate a business account in TikTok if the owner does not use advertising tools or constant notifications get in the way.

Return to the “Author” status or “Personal”:

Go to the “Settings” account – select: “Management”.

Switch to personal – confirm.

Now, the account owner can only view statistics on publications, reply to subscribers. At the same time, financial instruments remain, like the “Wallet”, where you can view information about gifts from streams, withdraw or replenish an account in order to send rewards to streamers.

Personal or Author is suitable for those who do not plan to create advertising platforms or directly receive income from Tiktok views. But if the user needs commercial tools, it is better to apply for an affiliate program. In this case, TikTok checks the activity on the author’s page, the presence of previous violations. The page owner can use commercial tracks, take orders for promotional videos.

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