With multi hoster sites like Real Debrid, all the Kodi users can enjoy access to the premium streaming sources. These are sources that no other user can get their hands on except the subscribers. The company doesn’t even give you access to the premium hosts but you can also optimize the download speed, all thanks to this Unrestricted Downloader. Real Debrid is like a solution to all the problems faced by the Kodi users like buffering, low download speed, incompatible add-ons and much more. So if you to want to enjoy seamless streaming, then keep reading. In this article, we are sharing everything about Real Debrid and how to install it on Kodi.

What is Real Debrid?

As a user, you get access to additional file hosters with Real Debrid. It is a subscription service that starts at 4€ ($4.64) per month. However, there is a free version available as well but it only runs between 6 am and noon. This multi-hosting service is not an addon and enhances the streaming experience of the user by providing unhindered streaming and downloading service. It provides the user with multiple streaming sources in HD quality something that any addon hardly provides. Also, this multi hoster tool works with almost all the popular addons.

Real Debrid has 56 different hosts that it supports and so whenever a Kodi user select a show or movie to watch then RD provides you with 56 additional links. These links are usually less used when compared to the default ones and so they are less likely to buffer while loading and even you may enjoy HD version of the title. Though, out of the 56 hosts, five and less provide legitimate content, like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Moreover, you will find official add-ons of these websites on Kodi.

How to Install Real Debrid on Kodi?

Kodi has become the ultimate media streaming platform due to its high compatibility and flexibility. And now with Rea Debrid feature you can now enjoy high quality, Real Debrid streams as well. Just follow the given steps to install Real Debrid on Kodi.

Step 1- Launch Kodi. Open the Settings and click on System.

Step 2- Now on the left side menu, click on the option which says Basic or Standard till it becomes Advanced.

Step 3- Now click on the Add-ons option. Then choose the Manage dependencies option.

Step 4- Scroll down and click on URL Resolver. Then click on configure option.

Step 5- Now under Universal Resolvers, Real Debrid section change the priority from 100 to 90. Press Done> Ok.

Step 6- Again follow the above step. Click on Configure> Universal Resolvers> Real Debrid> RE-Authorize my Account.

Step 7- Wait on the same screen till you get a code. Note down the code.

Step 8- Now open the https://www.real-debrid.com/device website on your browser. And give the code which your authorization code.

Soon you will get the message of URL Resolver Real Debrid Resolver Authorized message. That’s it. You can now test Real Debrid by running any Kodi add-on like covenant or Exodus.

How to Use Real Debrid on Kodi?

There is nothing special that you need to do while using most of the Kodi add-ons. Once you have signed up with Real Debrid and its services and also authorized them in the Kodi application then you are good to go. It’s just usual business. So now when you open any movie or TV show of your choice you will observe that a number of new streams have been added. Real-Debrid is compatible and supports a majority of add-ons including the popular ones like Exodus, Covenant and many more.

How to Pair Real Debrid with Device?

While you configure your device with Real Debrid they will ask you to go through the pairing procedure. And so you will have to authorize your account in the addon as well. To complete the process, just visit the device page of Real Debrid and then enter the specific code.

As soon as your account gets synced you can access all the features of Real Debrid. You are now good to go ahead and as you start streaming any movie or TV show, the Real Debrid source will be flashing at the top.

What are Real Debrid Problems?

Real Debrid service comes along with two major problems. The first one is that Kodi users can enjoy minimal benefits from it. However, the rewards are high for those eyeing for copyrighted materials. The second problem that comes with Real Debrid is that it will cost some money. As a result, Real Debrid’s customers find themselves in a legal grey area. And as they do not link to infringing files associated with copyright issues, you will get a lot of alternative sources to blockbuster movies. If you are a Kodi user then you must consider paying for Real Debrid as it is completely contradictory to the former.

So we would suggest that you could spend the monthly fees better than on a subscription-like this. It is even better if you spend it on platforms like Netflix, a high-quality streaming platform which is legitimate and runs on a few dollars.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all about setting up of Real Debrid on Kodi. You can now enjoy the streaming of high-quality content on Kodi, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Real Debrid is worth spending money for. However, the decision is yours. So if you have any suggestion regarding the Real Debrid sign up, or want to suggest any other alternative then share it with us in the comment section. Also, feel free to share your queries below.

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