If you are looking for an app or tool that is capable of doing various actions like sharing different types of files, photos, videos, music as well as APK files, and also works as a file uploader as well as file user, then FileLinked app is for you. You can use this app on both Android devices as well as on Amazon FireStick. Also, you can privately share your pictures with your friends and family. Just upload the photo and then share the code generated with your close ones. This will give them access to the stuff that you upload. Sounds interesting? Check out the complete guide about the FileLinked and the popular FileLinked Codes 2019.

What is FileLinked?

With the FileLinked or DroidAdmin tool you can now create an app store of your own, and further access it using an 8 digit code. This bulk downloader tool is one of the easiest ways to install APKs on your Android box and other devices like FireStick or FireTV. So with FileLinked, you can install any app without any hassle on your device. Formerly known as DroidAdmin app, you can use this FileLinked tool to create and even gain access to lots of lists created by the users containing lots of Android Apks. But in order to gain access to the created list, you need to have a security code called the Filelinked codes. However even after entering the FileLinked Codes, you need a PIN code as an extra security layer.

You can use the same list of codes to access an App store for FileLinked or DroidAdmin APK. In addition, you also get access to your favorite apps on the App Store of DroidAdmin and download various apps from the app store in a single click.

Features of FileLinked

  • FileLinked is available for free of charge.
  • It is designed by a management partner.
  • Download files in a single batch with FileLinked.
  • FileLinked app gives you access to eight-digit codes.
  • DroidAdmin is easy to use.
  • Also, you can customize the list of applications, names and their

Is FileLinked Safe?

Using FileLinked is free and safe to use. When using FileLinked make sure that you have a virus scanner or a malware security app already installed on your device. It is highly recommended especially when you are using Firestick or Android TV box because currently there are no security measures built into the tool that can detect any malicious activity or applications, containing a virus. The security measures installed by Google Play Store is strict, however, in case of FileLinked, any application can be uploaded to its repositories. As a result, there are high chances of installation of undetected virus especially in the absence of any security detection app.

How to Install FileLinked?

The installation process of FileLinked is easy. You can install it either on your Android TV Box or on your Amazon Fire TV device. Check out the entire process here.

Installation of FileLinked on Android TV

Step 1- Open your Android device. From the home screen, click on Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. This will enable the option of downloading any third-party app on your device.

Step 2- Now download the most recent version of the Filelinked Android app. And then using a USB stick or network drive to move it to your Android TV box.

Step 3- Run the Filelinked APK file on your TV box. And if you have the ES File Explorer installed on your system then you can run the APK file from the ES File Explorer as well.

Step 4- Now click on Install option. Wait for a few seconds till you will get the FileLinked app in your apps section.

Installation of FileLinked on Amazon FireStick/FireTV

To install the FileLinked app on your Amazon box, first, enable the settings of installing apps from unknown sources. Now go ahead with the following steps-

Step 1- If you have new interface then click on Settings> Device> Developer Options. And in case you are still using the older version then click on Settings> System> Developer Options.

Step 2- Now launch the Amazon App Store. Download the App Downloader and install it on your device.

Step 3- Open the Downloader App. Then go to the Settings> Enable Javascript. You will get a warning message, click on Yes.

Step 4- Navigate to the Home screen of the Downloader app. And enter the following URL in the address bar- https://get.filelinked.com.

Step 5- Click Go. And wait for a few seconds till the FileLinked is downloaded.

Further, you can install it on your Android device.

Latest FileLinked Codes 2019

  • Itruststream: 32364318
  • Portal pros: 54074835
  • Bobbyv123: 74238464
  • Adventure: 27256340
  • Jojo’s APKs: 64539676
  • Myst Da Man: 23119623
  • Free Tech: 56001333
  • Android: 12906735

Best FileLinked Codes

  • Kodi: 53252129
  • Joe’s App Store: 38069272
  • Market store code: 38266113
  • Superdell’s Wow factor code: 98224819
  • IPTV Apk’s code: 76408176
  • Kodi 18 apk: 80409018
  • Doug’s DroidAdmin store: 16553983
  • Cb74 DroidAdmin store: 83319464
  • Free movie and TV show app: 76115743
  • 5 best Apk for Fire stick: 91298970
  • Apps on your Amazon Fire stick: 76705196
  • Newtech: 22222222 – pin 4754
  • New Bee and co update: 44568738
  • Download Pirate cyber flix: 67724750
  • New update: 55525014
  • Lite List store: 26078296
  • Mega store: 63713299
  • Gears TV: 50962702
  • Faulks tech full App Store: 90430852
  • Terrarium TV: 23842598
  • Mobdro: 97432751
  • Show Box: 55592475
  • Mouse Toggle: 17002692
  • TVingo: 96726032

Best FileLinked Codes 2019 with Pin

  • 70510862 – pin 5623
  • 93989039 – pin 2525
  • 13131313 – pin 4545
  • 17779393 – pin 8899
  • 11848265 – pin 2222
  • 12433352 – pin 5500
  • 76705196 – pin 3223
  • 14224735 – pin 9876
  • 96031172 – pin 1234
  • 78933681 – pin 5623
  • 75319570 – pin 5623
  • 86666282 – pin 4242
  • 18166917 – pin 7777
  • 20417585 – pin 6403
  • 74747474 – pin 9876
  • 63106618 – pin 7777
  • 42274327 – pin 1985
  • 21273231 – pin 5233
  • 39347794 – pin 4242
  • 38228334 – pin 4480
  • 91702090 – pin 1672
  • 48332273 – pin 4326
  • 85810914 – pin 6403
  • 11039868 – pin 2501
  • 60339349 – pin 5623

Best FileLinked Codes Without Pin 2019

  • 68429031
  • 32961493
  • 11039868
  • 46844890
  • 53509563
  • 55621089
  • 30612263
  • 80454071
  • 69302536
  • 47603928
  • 45541094
  • 91195389
  • 69302536

Wrapping Up

Whether it is FireDL Codes or FileLinked Codes, you can use these codes to sideload al kind of apps and create your own App store. We hope that this article was helpful to you. Also, don’t forget to share your suggestions with us in the comment section.

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