It has not been really long since casinos made their way to online platforms but the popularity and fandom these have attained over the years is remarkable. Having more advantages over the brick and mortar ones, online casinos are known to have players worldwide. Gambling at online casinos has its own perks but a real feel was still a missing point but not until live online casinos became a thing.

Yes, many online casinos offer the live feature as well which helps gamblers have the perks of gambling online and still experience the excitement of land-based ones such as at Powerplay. Many people get confused between the two and think online casinos and live online casinos to be the same.

The difference is unambiguous and simple; in the case of the former, the games revolve around the random numbers generated whereas professional and trained dealers come to action in the case of the latter one. The dealers have to be friendly and focused, thus make sure you choose the right one.

A studio is there from where games are broadcast, having features that will give a gambler a real-game experience. The live games can be instantly accessed on mobile phones, computers, or any other compatible gadgets.

The number of pros that live online casinos have are numerous, let us list a few for you as to why you should give a live casino game at least a try if haven’t yet.

Realistic Gaming Experience

Online casinos, despite having various features, fail to give a player a realistic land-based casino experience which almost every gambler complains of. But, with the live feature recently introduced, that problem is sorted too. In live gaming, you can have real game experiences such as the sound of cards, cheers or spinning of wheels, and flashing of lights also.

Being in the Game

To have that feeling of being in the game, what else one can ask for? You will have a real game experience, have your own slot, can choose your tables according to your choice, and feel your presence in the game without having to leave your home.

Live Chat Option

The sociability the live online casinos come with makes these gamblers’ favorite. With the live chat option, you can communicate with your dealer any time and can ask away your queries. Not only you can communicate with your dealer but other players also which makes it more fun.

All-Time Availability

Like general online casinos, live online casinos are made accessible 24/7 too. You think of gambling in a live game, you are just a few minutes and clicks away from that and have instant access.

Details on Point

Unlike the online casino games which go by too quickly, live games take time and run slow, giving a player a realistic feel alongside a better outlook of the game. The high-resolution cameras focus on everything, be it the order of cards in a deck or a ball’s speed or how a dealer’s hands open the cards, everything looks crystal clear.

Play at Your Ease

The best part about gambling online is it has your comfort level assured like nothing else. You can gamble any time, anywhere, and via any gadget that you like without even following a dress code. You could be in your PJs sitting on your couch and placing bets worth a top dollar. You don’t particularly have to take out time and drive to a casino to gamble, and that helps in saving time to travel as well as your money on fuel.

Games are Not Restricted to Players Only

The best part about live casinos is that no matter if you are not placing bets or playing the game, you can still watch the other players gambling. Gamblers watch the live games not just for the purpose of fun and recreation but also to learn new tactics and strategies. You will have the ability to observe the whole game without being present there.

Better Rewards

Unlike the land-based casinos, live online casinos offer free spins, free coins, bonuses, freebies, and many rewards which make the gambling experience more fun.

Fair Results

With live casinos, the complaints of unfair results are sorted. Often times in the case of normal online casino games, the gamblers doubt if the odds were against them that they didn’t get their desired results. With live gambling, the whole process is shown to you very clearly that there seems no chance of any injustice and thus the results are pretty transparent.


For those having doubts regarding the random numbers generated and odds being against them, live casino gaming is the best option. With everything right in front of your eyes, live gaming is more trustworthy and engaging than the general online casino games.

Availability of Games

If you are thinking that the live gaming may only be for specific games then you are mistaken; many games have been added to this category already including Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and other table games.

Two in One—Online Plus Real

With live gambling, you can have the perks of online casinos as well the real game experience of land-based ones at one place—not wrong to call it every gambler’s fantasy back in time.

The benefits of betting at a live online casino are unlimited. Now, certain online casinos offer Virtual Reality features as well, which makes the players have a 360° view and land-based casino experience even better. Online casinos come with various cons too but are controllable to much extent.

You just have to be vigilant when it comes to gambling and it will all be good. Before choosing a platform to gamble online, make sure it’s a reliable one and not fraudulent. Look for its reputation, the modes of payment it offers, its licensing, its customer supports, and last but not the least–its software; because the type of software it uses determines the gaming experience you will have, so better not settle for low.

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