One of the most popular media player having a huge user base is Kodi. It is an amazing application that is regularly updated by a talented team of developers. All the new updates aim to improve the user experience. The latest Kodi update is Leia that was released by the team with major bug fixes. Updating Kodi to the new version is important for a better user interface and smooth streaming experience. Kodi being a multi-faced software which is compatible with the various operating system there are different methods that one should be aware of to update the software. And so today we are going to share all the methods with which you can update Kodi for every device. From Android to Windows, Firestick and Raspberry, know how you can update your Kodi from the following guide.  

Why Update Kodi?

The most coon question that comes sot the mind of any user is that why is it important to update Kodi. So let me tell you there are a couple of benefits of updating Kodi. If you have been using Kodi from a very long time then you might have come across errors like “no stream available” and “Kodi dependency error.” And so by updating the Kodi software, you can fix issues like this. For the proper functioning of any addon, it is mandatory to have support files like Dependencies.  And so to update the script of dependencies you need to update Kodi. This will, in turn, reduce the error.

How to Update Kodi?

How to Update Kodi on Windows?

The two most common ways to update Kodi on windows is by using Windows Installer, a Kodi add-on or by updating it directly on Windows Store. Check out the process here.

Method 1- Update Kodi using Windows Installer

Step 1- Launch the Kodi app on Windows. Then click on add-ons.

Step 2- Now select Package Installer icon, and then click on Install from Repository option.

Step 3- From the list of options, click on Kodi add-ons Repository. Then click on Program Add-ons>Windows Installer> Install.   

Step 4- Return to the home screen. Click on Add-ons> Program Add-ons> Kodi Installer.

Step 5- Next Click on Releases and then hit the Win32 option.

The Kodi Leia and various versions will be displayed here. Select any version that you want. Kodi 18.2 is the latest version that you can install from smooth streaming.

Method 2- Update Kodi using Windows Store

Step 1- Visit the Windows Store. Select the Kodi app.

Step 2- Then Click on Get the App. From the pop-up box, click on Open Microsoft Store.

Step 3- Now Click on Get or Launch option. Wait for a few seconds till the Kodi app gets installed on your device.

Step 4- Now open the file. The latest version will overwrite the older and outdated version of Kodi. And don’t worry as all your settings will remain intact.  

How to Update Kodi on Mac OS?

The only way by which you update Kodi on Mac Operating System is by reinstalling it. So if you are using Kodi on Mac device then follow the steps given below.

Step 1- Open the official website of Kodi. Click on Download Kodi option.

Step 2- Scroll down and then select MacOS option. Click on the Installer (64bit) option to download the latest version.

Step 3- The file will download in the DMG format. Double click on it to open.

Step 4- Lastly drag the Kodi application file and drop it in your Application folder.

Step 5- And then give permission to replace your already existing file with the new one. That’s it.

How to Update Kodi on Android?

Updating or upgrading Kodi on Android can also be done in two ways. You can either do it by the Google Play Store or through their website. Just follow the given steps to complete the process.

Method 1- Update Kodi using Google Play Store

Step 1- Turn on your Android phone. Then open the Google Play Store.

Step 2- Now search for the Kodi application.

Step 3- You will observe the latest version of Kodi as Kodi 18.2 in the list. Click on Update option.

Step 4- Then the process will overwrite on the old version with the latest Kodi software.

You can now start using the Kodi Krypton 18.2 version on your device.

Method 2- Use APK File from Kodi Website to Update Kodi

Step 1- Open the Kodi application on your Android phone. And then launch Internet Explorer.

Step 2- Browse Scroll down the page and click on Android.

Step 3- Again scroll down till you find the Android option. Click on it.

Step 4- Now select ARMV7A (32bit). The downloading process will start automatically.

Step 5- Next, click on the downloaded file and click on Install.

The new and the latest file will be overwritten on the old version of Kodi, without the loss of any data. After the process completes, you can open Kodi and start streaming.

How to Update Kodi on GBox?

You can easily update Kodi on GBox. Just follow the process given below carefully.

Step 1- From the GBox home screen, click on the Google Play Store.

Step 2- Then search for ES File Explorer. Install it.

Step 3- Return to the home screen. And then browse

Step 4- On the webpage, Scroll down to look for Android option and click on it. Then select ARM.

The latest version of Kodi will download.

Step 5- Now in the new window that opens will ask for your permission to install the file. Click on New and then Install option.

The new file will be installed on your device and no data will be lost for sure.  

How to Update Kodi on Linux?

Now you can easily install and update Kodi on Linux. you can find it in Ubuntu repositories. So if you are running the Linux OS, then here is the process y which you can update your Kodi.

Step 1- Press Ctrl+Alt+T altogether top open Terminal. Then type the following command-

udo apt-get install software-properties-common

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install kodi

Make sure you write the commands exactly like this. The above commands will help you install the latest version of Kodi on Linux from scratch. However if you already have Kodi installed on your device, then you can follow the given steps to update it.

Step 2- Again open Terminal by pressing the Alt+Ctrl+T keys altogether.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Write these commands as it is. And your Kodi will be updated. However in case, these commands don’t work, then you can use the following command to add those extra files needed.

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

How to Update Kodi on Raspberry Pi?

Step 1- Open the OpenELEC website. Then scroll down and click on Download > Raspberry Pi Builds

Step 2- Here you will get different builds depending upon the Raspberry Pi generation. Choose your Raspberry Pi generation. Then download the Zip file and extract it on your device

Step 3- Next copy the extracted files on your micro SD card. This step will require Rufus software. If you have this software then go ahead with the process. But in case you don’t have then download Rufus as it creates bootable USB drives.

Step 4- After downloading Rufus complete a few steps. You will have to enter some information.

Step 5- Then under the device option, select your SD card > Disk image.

Step 6- Now upload the file that you extracted. Click on the Start button to replace the file.

Step 7- Now remove and insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi device. Turn on your device and the Kodi will boot automatically.  

Wait for a few minutes till Kodi loads. You can then enjoy streaming Krypton version of Kodi.

How to Update Kodi on FireStick?

For easy streaming of Kodi on FireStick, you can update Kodi. There are various ways to update or upgrade Kodi, however, we are sharing the two easy ways here.

Method 1- Update Kodi on FireStick with ES File Explorer

Step 1- From the Main Menu of FireStick, search for ES File Explorer. Open it.

Step 2- Click on Tools> Download Manager. Next tap on the New option present on the menu at the bottom.

Step 3- You will have to give a path here, so type the following Click on ok.

Step 4- Give the path a suitable name like Kodi. Click on Download Now.

Step 5- Then the process will begin and as it completes, click on Open File.

The installation process on Firestick will start. You can open Kodi by navigating back to the Home Screen. Launch the Kodi Krypton 17.6 version from here.

Method 2- Update Kodi on FireStick by Sideloading

Step 1- Open your device. Then install Kodi Krypton from the Google Play Store.

Step 2- Also install the Apps2Fire app and launch it.

Step 3- Now go to the FireStick Home. Open Settings> Network> FireStick IP address. Note down the IP address.

Step 4- Navigate back to the Android Phone. Open the Apps2Fire app and then click on the Setup tab.

Step 5- Then enter the IP address and select the Local Apps option.

Step 6- Look for the Kodi option on the list. Click on it and then choose the Install option.

Step 7- The Kodi app will get transferred to the FireStick device.

You will now find the FireStick app on the list. Launch it and enjoy.

Wrapping Up

Kodi is the the the ultimate center that provides the latest streams. Also, you can install and update them on all kinds of devices. In this guide, we have tried to cover the process of updating Kodi on every platform. We hope that it was helpful but in case of any issue or suggestion, share it with us in the comment section.

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