Many reasons are there why merchants are always cautious about accepting payments of digital currencies. In the history of cryptocurrencies, many coins have been developed, and many get popular for one. Still, they then fade in darkness, so there isn’t any guarantee that customers or businesses will ever prefer to use cryptocurrencies for a long time. Additionally, the main reason customers and merchants hesitate is the volatility that continues to increase in the crypto space and even amongst the largest coins like bitcoin by its market capitalization. You can try Official Website if you want to get the best bitcoin trading experience.

For instance, bitcoin’s price was around $10,000 before the start of the covid-19 pandemic, and its price skyrocketed to $53000 in 2021. This caused chaos in the financial operations of merchants. Nonetheless, citizens of countries like the U.S. believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies and wish to use cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment to buy goods and services online and offline.

In 2014, for the first time, a retailer website named started accepting bitcoin for household items. Especially after the bubble of bitcoin in 2017, many merchants and companies started accepting bitcoin payments. Even in Oct 2020, PayPal, one of the biggest online payment websites, provided their customers a new method to make payments in cryptocurrencies. PayPal even allowed its customers to hold, buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their digital wallets.

Tesla is the biggest car company announced in March-2021, but the company reversed its decision in May 2021 because of the environmental concerns that arise because of bitcoin mining. The demand for cryptocurrencies has grown, and eventually, stores and merchants have started accepting them as payment methods. But one of the main questions that arise here is how digital currencies can be incorporated into traditional payment systems and which coins are best suited for the task? Well, the confusion here is whether bitcoins are better or altcoins. So, we will learn about both bitcoin and altcoins and will know the conclusion in the end.


Bitcoin is the leader of all cryptocurrencies, and this digital currency enjoys being the largest cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. Bitcoin is a unique cryptocurrency that is making its way to the mainstream. In today’s time, as of 2021, around 15,174 businesses and merchants are accepting bitcoin payments across the world. Specifically, in the U.S., around 2300 businesses are accepting bitcoin payments.

It is the cryptocurrency that is considered the best store of value, and bitcoin is not only a store of value but a store of wealth as well. Bitcoin is considered the most prominent cryptocurrency because it allows merchants and customers to remain anonymous, and also, the transactions are low-cost. The unique thing about bitcoin is that it preserves its value for a long time, and no competitors of bitcoin can reach its value.


A large number of cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin are known as altcoins. Altcoins are the alternatives of bitcoins that are developed to give tough competition to bitcoin. Because of bitcoin’s volatile market and high fees and transaction times, customers face many issues that prevent them from using cryptocurrencies. The altcoins are developed to provide fast and cheap transactions.

Bitcoin charges high transaction fees out of all the digital tokens, and every altcoin is developed to overcome the flaws of the bitcoin network. The transaction fees of cryptocurrencies keep on changing with time according to the demand and supply of cryptocurrencies. Some of the altcoins are popular as they offer fast transaction confirmation time as compared to bitcoin. But altcoins also carry many risks that are either smaller or bigger than bitcoin. Also, no merchant or customer can trust the popularity of altcoins as many altcoins have been developed, but not all get popular. The popularity of some gets fades after a certain period.

For customers and merchants, choosing altcoins and bitcoin is an easy one as they can compare the coin value and the market capitalization of different coins. This will help them to make an informed decision about choosing the right coin. But it is a fact that all cryptocurrencies are risky, and therefore you need to have a proper understanding of the market to invest or accept any coin.

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