The Canon Vixia HD Camcorder lets you get the best out of any situation with two different aspect ratios in varying quality levels with 3 different frame rates.

You can shoot in (16:9) widescreen or the traditional (4:3) aspect ratio. For frames per second you can choose from the 24, 30 progressive or the 60 interlaced frames per second for your video recordings.


For starters, you can set your image quality to MXP with a 60i or PF30 frame-rate for a 1080p widescreen video with a standard frame-rate in North America. At such a setting, you can record close to 3 hours of video on the internal memory of the camcorder. If you do not wish to view it on the highest quality possible, you can change the quality to XP+ for double the recording time.

The Canon Vixia HD camcorder stores your videos in an AVCHD format which needs a software to convert the AVCHD file to a DVD or something useable. Software out there include iMovie or Final Cut Pro. The software aside, you need to connect your camcorder to the computer via the USB cable to access the files. Make sure to eject the USB drive before unplugging to avoid any possible complications with the files on the camcorder!

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