In the hit movie Bad Moms, the extremely talented Mila Kunis plays a woman who feels like she can never be enough. She brings store-bought items to the school bake sale. She misses important school events. She’s always running around and feeling like she can’t accomplish anything.

Her character is contrasted by the one played by Christina Applegate. Applegate plays the perfectly coiffed, cooler-than-though type of mom who always has it all together. Even though Mila Kunis very much wants the approval of Applegate, she finds that it is nearly impossible to get it.

Many moms can relate to this feeling. With the advent of social media, it seems that the standards are held higher than ever before. A birthday party isn’t worthwhile unless it’s picture perfect. Competition drives people to make bigger and bigger displays of their originality. 

Social media has many benefits. But there are also risks involved. Early studies are suggesting that it hijacks the part of our brain that is prone to compare. That means that every image we see serves as a basis for comparison. Are we doing enough? Are we good enough?

These are the questions that social media prompts in our minds. Click here for more information about this phenomenon. 

Why not put your phone down and throw a party for all of your friends to remember? Or, if you can’t bear to be without your phone, why not throw a party that’s going to impress the living daylight out of your family, acquaintances, and friends? Read on for tips about how to throw a party they’ll all be talking about for years to come! 

Dinner Party for the Ages

Nearly every person is interested in food. Whether it’s the latest drink crazy at their local Starbucks branch or making their own tomato sauce fresh from the garden, everyone has their favorite way to chow down.

Why not show off your skills with a dinner party that will bring together all of your friends and loved ones from different areas of your life? It can be a great way for them to get together. You might even find that some people in your life gel better together than you had ever imagined.

Your party could even be the spark of a new romantic or professional relationship that could bring years of happiness and prosperity to the people you care about the most. What an honor!

If you’re not much of a chef, don’t worry. You can place large orders of food, usually referred to as catering orders, with many exquisite restaurants in your area. Make sure to order something for your vegetarian and vegan friends, as they will also want to join in the fun.

Once the food arrives, simply transfer it to your own cookware to complete the illusion that you were preparing the meal for days at a time. No one has to know the truth!

What’s most important about the party is the setting. You can purchase an affordable patio furniture dining set that will comfortably seat all of your guests. Many retailers are offering deep discounts now to help get you outside and entertaining.

Once you have the table and chairs, you’ll want to think about the accessories. Plates, cups, and napkins are the bare minimum for your table. You can also think about creating a fun centerpiece and stringing lights up so that the party can keep going well after the sun goes down.

Impromptu Concert

Another way to really wow your friends and family are to throw together a musical performance for their enjoyment. Depending on the size of your backyard, you may want to rent or purchase amplification equipment to help everyone hear you crooning away.

There are many songs you can sing that is appropriate and fun for an audience made up of people of all ages. Blue Moon is a timeless hit that people love. Don’t forget about the classic Bernadette. You could even through in a sing-along favorite like Hey Jude so that everyone can join in the fun. Click the link: for more great song ideas.

Make sure you have comfortable seating for all of your guests. No one will want to sing along if they’re stiff from sitting on beach towels spread across your lawn.

Photo Shoot

Little girls love to play dress-up. Why not take it to the next level and throw a Beach Party Barbie photo shoot in your backyard for your daughter and all of her friends? Chaise lounges make a great backdrop for all sorts of fun shots. 

You can supply cookies and punch for your little models to enjoy both during and after the photo shoot. Make sure to stock plenty of big, floppy hats to complete the look.

It’s never been easier to impress your friends with patio furniture. Try it today!

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