You have worked hard to attract new clients to your business, and things are looking positive. But how do you cement that relationship and make sure your client’s favorable experience keeps them returning, time after time? Leaving a lasting impression is the key to forging an on-going relationship and securing repeat business. Follow these simple tips and transform your new clients into loyal, returning customers.

1. Offer a good service

This might sound blindingly obvious, but it is also completely essential! Ensuring your client receives a professional, organized service marks your company out as trustworthy and reliable. And remember, it is not just the final outcome that matters; offering an organized, friendly and efficient service throughout their experience is paramount. Small things such as having your client’s details to hand, offering little extras and sticking to the schedule show you take your business seriously. If you are meeting your client face-to-face, make sure you are prepared, punctual and polite so they know they are in safe hands.

2. Make yourself memorable with mementos

Your service is exemplary and you have forged a great relationship with your new client, but once you’ve completed business, how do you stick in their minds? Give them a useful, physical reminder of your company, that’s how! While business cards used to be handed out at every opportunity, in the digital age they are far less relevant and often end up in the bin or down the side of a sofa. Instead, practical merchandise – like branded pens – serves as a visible reminder of your company and won’t end up gathering dust. Promotional items also double up as a way of getting your brand identity out into the world. Think along the lines of printed bags, mugs or pens for useful promotional products that serve a clear purpose. There are plenty of ideas at

3. Understand their needs

Splashing out on a lavish meal to get to know your client might not be within every small business’s means, but taking the time to understand your client’s precise needs, their business strategy and ultimate goals is never a waste. This can easily be achieved over an informal coffee or by providing a dedicated meeting or video call. In the process, it makes them feel valued and understood; it’s a sure-fire way of staying at the forefront of their minds when they need your service again. For more information on what to ask your clients, read this blog.

4. Be adaptable

No two people are the same, and neither are your customers. Taking the time to forge a relationship that suits their needs will pay dividends in the long run. Getting to know them on a personal level might be appropriate for some clients, while others may prefer a no-nonsense business approach. Equally, offering flexibility will mark you out as different from your competitors and leave a positive impression with your customers. Find out early on in the relationship what works best – this will allow you to tailor your style to your clients’ individual needs and they will remember you favorably in the future.

Creating a lasting impression on your customers needn’t cost the earth, but a few carefully planned strategies can pay dividends in the long run. Take these valuable tips on board, and your clients will be returning well into the future!

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