Things have changed dramatically over the past few years. Today, w=if we want to access the latest news on-the-go, all we do is access a reliable online news platform on our mobile phone anytime, anywhere and update ourselves on what’s happening around the world.

Technology has made things extremely easy. All type of information is a click away. The internet is a hub of information but not all of it is factually correct and reliable. The same is the case with online news. Not all online news platforms offer authentic news. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable option, you got to consider certain factors. One of the most reliable names in the world of news is CNN and if you wish to watch CNN live over the internet, you got to be sure that the news platform is a reliable place to access CNN news, and that too, live!

Let’s have a look at the things you must look for to be sure that an online news platform is a reliable one.

Citation Of News

When you came across a news piece and are not sure whether to trust it or not, always dig in about the cited sources. Reliable news often quotes the wordings and documents from the people being referred to. As you read or watch the news blog, always look for citations. Dig in about the possible sources, and do your research. However, if a news piece has quoted a president’s speech on its website, it might not appear as cited and termed as source-less.

Interpretation Of The News

Quite a few media content comes up with a conclusion or a theory. Therefore, if you want a clear understanding of the news, look out for evidence related to the conclusion drawn. Moreover, if a determination is drawn, look out for logical explanations. Additionally, if you come across some evidence that supports the news piece, make sure it is confirmed by other news pieces.

Authority Of The News

When you search for a reliable online news platform, certify its publishers. In simpler words, it means that a dedicated online news platform will always hire an expert who is knowledgeable in their field.

For instance, if you look out for health-related information, you should acquire the writer’s profession. Ask yourself questions such as whether the author is a nurse or doctor, or a scientist.

Furthermore, it is quoted that with great power comes great responsibility. However, some publishers misuse it. It’s your responsibility to ensure the authenticity of the news. You can’t forward the information without getting hold of its reliability.

Point Of View

A reliable online news platform is never biased about the information it shares. For example, It depicts all the benefits and shortcomings of a product launched in the market rather than highlighting all the good things or the bad points. The bias related to information fails to grab people’s eye. As a result, the site would not be credited.

Consider Images

Research depicts that only half percent of people can recognize a fake image. Since the introduction of modern age software, it is quite a stressful task to spot a phony picture. However, there is some warning sign that you can look for like strange shadows visible on the picture. Thus, if you come across something like this, you can deduce that the platform isn’t the most reliable one.

Intricate Errors

Other than the tips mentioned above, we advised you to make use of your common sense. At times, you oversee intricate errors that might cause a lot on your end.

You can’t run away from the fact that there are numerous news platforms on the internet today that are sharing fake news or offering viewers news from trusted sources but illegally, that is, without their permission. It is necessary that you make sure that you aren’t becoming a part of something unethical or illegal. Always lookout for the factors listed in the blog post to make sure that the online news platform you are using is trustworthy.

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