China recently launched a digital currency called the digital yuan successfully launched this digital currency; still, people have a question outside china that can non-residents of china buy and use the digital yuan as payment? Because it is a digital currency, China is thinking about launching it as an international currency so everyone in the world can trade it as a cryptocurrency. Still, it will be under the control of the Chinese government and the People’s Bank of China. Therefore, before knowing whether you can buy or use digital yuan, you have to study this digital currency intensely by reading the content below or visiting the

Understanding the process of the digital yuan currency

The Digital yuan is China’s new initiative currency that will encourage people to use digital money (digital yuan) for every transaction. The government can remove the paper cash or coins from the country to make digital china. It will help the country prevent fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and trade of illegal goods and services since the Chinese government can track every transaction that Chinese citizens are making.

The Chinese citizens use the digital payment methods popular in China, such as Alipay by Alibaba groups and WeChat pay by the Tencent company. The government also convinces the users of these online payments to use digital yuan by giving them an incentive or free digital years. As a result, the downloads of the digital yuan app crossed 200 million and are still going upward, which is good news for the government and central bank of china.

Can I buy digital yuan?

If you are a Chinese citizen, then it is evident that you can buy the digital yuan because it is for domestic use now. Still, if you live outside China, you are not eligible to use it because it is also under testing mode. The government is still evaluating the user experience and improving it through the people’s feedback.

The trial version of the digital yuan app for testing purposes was launched in 2020 and tested in a few favored cities. Still, now digital yuan is publicly launched in 23 cities, and people who have bank accounts in these cities or living in these cities can use it easily. The people have to install the app on their mobile device and must have a bank account at any of the seven banks in china or on two online banks in china, i.e., Alipay or WeChat pay. The application is only available on the Chinese digital stores for domestic use and not available on the play store or google, and there is no use for other people except in china.

Cryptocurrency is a global currency, and the most significant advantage of this currency is that everyone can use it around the globe without taking other people’s permission through various applications. Still, the disadvantage of the domestic currency is that you can trade or use it in other countries because every country has its own money that is not usable in other nations. For example, suppose you are an Indian citizen, and you get dollars and want to buy things with them, but no vendor or merchant can accept it because they know that there is no use until it converts into the Indian currency. The Chinese digital yuan is the same as this example, and if you are eligible to buy, what will you do with this currency because no one in your country is ready to accept it for exchanging goods and services.

Can foreigners use digital yuan?

Foreigners can use the digital yuan, but there are some conditions or limitations that they have to follow before using the digital yuan. The foreigners have to visit and locate in one of the Chinese cities where the digital yuan is eligible to use, and they have to open a bank account in traditional banks or digital banks. There are seven popular conventional banks in China. You need to open an account by providing your identity, and you also need to make a Chinese identity card before using the digital yuan. If you are not opening an account in a traditional Chinese bank, you have to open an account in China’s popular online banks called Alipay or WeChat pay. If you have an account with one of the banks, you will be eligible to download the digital yuan app, set up a wallet to use the digital yuan for buying goods and services, or do any transaction in china.

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