Japanese manga has a huge fan following all over the world and it has become an entirely new genre to the world of entertainment. Noragami series is one of the most popular manga shows that is loved hugely by the audience. Season 1 and 2 were highly appreciated by the people and now, we all are waiting for the upcoming season, Noragami season 3.

Noragami Series

Noragami is a Japanese anime that means stray God. It is based on the Japanese Manga of the same name made by Adachitoka. The show got so much popularity around the world among anime lovers. It shows the story of a girl named Hiyori Iki whose life takes a twisted turn when she saves a stranger. Before knowing about the details let’s check about the plot of the show a little.

 Noragami Season 3 – Plot Details

The story revolves around a young girl of a middle school. Her life takes a drastic turn when she saves a stranger and meets with an accident. This accident changed her life. Her souls get slips out of her body and now, she can be well-aware of the two worlds in parallel. She becomes Ayakashi now.

This is her freshly found ability or characteristic and she can do much more than before now. Traveling to both of the worlds is easier for her now, that is, the afterlife and the human world. Afterlife is called Far Shore where the souls of the humans live. Demons also have a place in that world. While the human world is called the Near Shore. This is the world in which we are living.

When she travels from one world to another, she gets to meet a nameless god, Yato. This god does not own a temple, so he charges five yen for granting the wishes of people. He is doing so to collect the money so that he can build his own temple where people can worship him.

Noragami season 3 release date

Hiyori Iki requests him to grant her wish in which she asks him to fix the fault in her body. She doesn’t like to travel to both the worlds. And so she doesn’t enjoy this situation where her soul keeps coming and going. She wants a normal life back as before. But, this god, Yato has something else in his mind.

In her journey, she also meets with Yukine. Yukine is none other than Yato’s Regalia. The series is all about this trio where they become good friends and witness the various adventures all together in their journey.

The plot of Noragami Season 3

In season 3, the plot is going to become better only. There is a pivotal role of Yato’s father. It will showcase the relationship of Yato and his father which is not so good in previous seasons. It will also show the unexpected and unexplored past of the Yato. He is going to become the “god of fortune” and the journey is going to be so interesting. Let us see what is going to happen in Noragami season 3 as we all are quite excited about the same.

Noragami Characters

The show is highly popular with its main and parallel lead characters. You can explore each of them in a deep sense. Each character is unique and represented in a great way which is enough to impress you.

  1. Hiyori Iki

Hiyori Iki is the main girl, you can say. The character has been explored a lot by the makers. She is introduced in the very first episode of the series. Hiyori is the one who loves martial arts and she comes from a well-respected family. Her age is only sixteen years and she studies in a junior high school. The one who is saved by her from an accident is none other than Yato. Yes, she saved Yato and finds herself in trouble.

After her soul slipped, she had an unusual outgrowth from her body. Yes, we are talking about the tail that grows each time when she sleeps. The character is beautiful with long hair and magenta eyes. She has pale skin. You will find her wearing her school uniform. She is very kind-hearted.

  1. Yato

The “hero” of the upcoming season is Yato. The male protagonist of the series. He is desperate for a huge fan following. He wants to be loved and worshipped being a god. But, he has not a single shrine in his name which is hurtful for him. He wants to be the “god of fortune” but people do consider him as “the god of calamity and depression”. There is so much to explore in his personality.

Sometimes, he is cruel and other times he can be very low in patience. He is mischievous too. You will find him wearing a navy blue suit with a golden crown on the right. The color of his eyes is blue and his hair is purple. The character is actually attractive. He loves money a lot. He has abilities like divine possession and teleportation.

  1. Yukine

Yukine is another important character of the Noragami series. He died when he was in middle school and that is why he always behaves like a teen. He steals money from people and thinks it is alright to do so as he is not alive. But, his character took a turn when Hiyori saved him. He started respecting Hiyori and Yato.

The boy is short in height and has reddish-orange eyes. His hair is golden in colour. Overall, his character is cute. Noragami season 3 characters

  1. Rabou

The next and one of the most important characters of the show is Rabou. He is “the villain” of the series. This much popular male antagonist is a god of calamity. His hair is silver and his body is tall and slender. You can see his right eye only and the color is yellow and he covers his left eye with the sun visor. He wears loose clothes.

His job includes the murder of humans and gods. His water manipulation ability is the main.  He uses his ability to form the water clones and punishes people by making them imprisoned in water.

  1. Bishamonten

The Noragami series has another amazing and impressive character, Bishamonten. She is the rival of Yato. She is really strong and considered the god of war and fortune. The fight between her and Yato can be seen multiple times as both of them are trying to kill each other. Despite the negative qualities when it comes to Yato, she is actually a beautiful looking young woman with a slender physique. Her hair is long enough to touch her feet. Her skin color is pale.

The color of her eyes is purple. She wears a short grey-colored skirt with a jacket, long black boots, and a black hat. She is actually not a villain but a very kind-hearted goddess. But, when it comes to the Yato, she becomes really bad.

Apart from these main characters, the show also has so many parallel leads and supporting characters that cannot fail to impress you.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

At first, we were confused if there is Noragami Season 3 happening. But the answer to it is, yes! It’s happening. After that, many of the fans were constantly asking “When is the Noragami season 3 release date?”

Noragami season 3 is to come in November and we all are eagerly waiting for the same. Season 2 got its release on 9 of October in 2015. It’s been so long. But, we can say that Noragami season 3 is going to release very soon in 2020 or 2021 as Noragami vol 20 got released on 15 of February 2019. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the upcoming season as it will definitely add some great storylines and excitement to the plot.

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