The world is becoming more and more advanced, and people’s lives gradually move online. Buy, sell, exchange — all this can now be done online. If many people know about the use and storage of money, crypto has yet to be explained. In a couple of years, cryptocurrencies will be able to replace real currencies. So, take care of your future in advance and learn all about cryptocurrencies. Today, we will tell you more about the 3Commas wallet and its main advantages.

Crypto Wallets: Do They Exist?

Let’s start with the basics. Remember, no matter what they write in other articles for the sake of simplification, cryptocurrency is not stored in a wallet. Blockchain is used for this purpose. A simple analogy fits here: your plastic bank card doesn’t hold any money — it just gives you access to your bank account.

A cryptocurrency wallet itself is an abstract concept, but rather just a way to store a secret key to access your cryptocurrency. Such keys can be stored online and offline.

Types of Wallets

There are two main types of wallets: cold and hot. They differ in the way crypto is stored. In the first case, your assets are stored offline, in the second — in the World Wide Web. Today, the best option is to open an online wallet because you will have constant access to your cryptocurrencies and the possibility to trade, sell, and exchange them. To open a wallet, we recommend using the 3Commas platform. Below, we describe its advantages.

3Commas – Your Comfort and Security

3Commas offers you access to 45 major blockchains, which means you can store different cryptocurrencies in one wallet. Here, you can exchange, buy, and sell them, save in your account, and have constant access to trading. 3Commas has taken care of security and comfort, and the platform is very easy to use.

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