With the development of sports and various kinds of competitions, bets also developed. Bookmakers appeared that provided this process. With the development of esports and the spread of the Internet, all this has moved to a completely different level.

If you are serious about online games and want to bet on eSports matches, then make sure that you use an honest bookmaker. GGBet is one of those that does not take your profit but gives you every chance of winning.

eSports betting is no different from the classic ones. The rules and basic concepts are the same: the same leagues, tournaments, and matches. The action line is absolutely the same: outcomes, totals, odds. However, esports is heterogeneous in its structure and represents an entire industry where there are various disciplines. Each of them has its own rules, features, tournaments, and a set of important factors on which to build a strategy.

How to Bet on eSports?

For more experienced players, it is better to use live options. GG Bet is very convenient in this regard. After all, on the website of this bookmaker https://ggonline.bet/en, you can follow the broadcast of the eSports match, evaluate the choice of heroes and strategies for the upcoming game, as well as instantly make a choice and place bets on an already ongoing match.

In almost all types of gaming disciplines, you need to monitor the process of choosing heroes or cards. After that, you can make a final forecast, because some players try to predict victory or defeat in advance, but in the end, the chosen strategy destroys all plans.

  • Long-term bets (outright) are bets on the outcome of the tournament. It means what team will win in the final. They are made before the start of the tournament.
  • Online bets (live bets) are bets that are placed during the tournament.
  • Betting on the outcome – the team is selected which is supposed to win in any round or match. You can also bet on a draw.
  • A handicap bet is applicable for a match or tournament. With it, you can give an advantage to any event in the match and, conversely, lag. You can attribute a plus one point or a minus to the team.
  • There are bets on the total. It means a bet on a specific score at the end of the match. It is recommended to place a bet at the beginning of the competition.

How to Make Money on eSports Betting?

It is important to look at the changes in the lineups of the teams and their latest results. Also consider how the face-to-face meetings end, where the match is held and what the style of play is.

1. Stick to your strategy and analyze each meeting. As a rule, in a friendly meeting, you should not expect output from the teams.

2. Consider the type of tournament. It is the same reason as in the previous paragraph.

3. Bans of cards. Teams often choose cards they are not going to play on. Captains of associations may prohibit their use.

4. Event format (structure). If it is important to score points in each match in the tournament, then the players will give their best in all games.

5. Position in the tournament grid. Those who are lagging have more motivation, but can still catch up.

6. It is not difficult to analyze to bet on a favorite. But for this, you will have to get acquainted with the information from different sources about the tournament and the athlete.

7. Bet on what you know. This may be one of the most obvious tips when it comes to profit from bets. The more you know about something, the more your decisions are justified.

This knowledge can cover anything from focusing on specific games to focusing on specific teams and available markets. If you spend the time to improve your knowledge, it will be easier for you to identify errors in the bookmaker’s odds.

How Much Can You Earn on Betting?

Every experienced bettor who plays on a professional basis has his working winning strategies. On such working strategies, cappers earn money.

The coefficient determines the probability of a particular outcome of events. It determines the payout in case of a successful bet. There are several types of coefficients: Fractional and American. The coefficient depends on such factors as technical, human, and team composition.

Each winning promotional bet brings points equal to its coefficient. Forty players who score the most points before the end of the draw get into the standings and share the prize fund.

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