You spend 40 hours a week in your office — at least. Obviously, you’re here to get work done, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit in an uncomfortable chair and stare at gray walls all week. A comfortable office can inspire you to work harder and create projects that you’re proud of.

Changing up your work environment can have positive impacts on your productivity and mood. Below, we offer tips for making your office space more inviting and creating a place you look forward to spending time in every day. Following are some useful tips from our friends at StickerYou:

1. Get Some Plants

Everyone loves plants. In fact, studies show that having greenery around us is comforting and improves our mood. Not only are plants beautiful to look at, but they also freshen up the air and can filter out those musty office odors. Given their need for watering and pruning, plants also give you a concrete task to look forward to other than your current job. Even if your office doesn’t have windows, there are many low-maintenance houseplants that will do just fine with your office lights and minimal care. For instance, try some English ivy, succulents like aloe vera, or a snake plant.

2. Decorate

Your office may already have some art, but that abstract color painting will get old fast. Consider hanging up some new decorations that you picked out yourself, like art from a local street vendor or made by your kids. Alternately, be adventurous, and decorate with your own artwork or photography. Every time you look at it, you’ll be inspired by your own accomplishments. Not an artist? No problem. You can create custom decals to adorn your walls and windows. These are both creative and unique, and colleagues will stop and admire your art skills.

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3. Change Your Furniture

The fastest way to make your office space more comfortable is by literally making it comfortable. Find a chair that supports your posture and spine, and if you have space, set up a comfy couch or futon. This is ideal for colleagues and clients, or just if you need somewhere relaxing to take a break-in. To improve your health and mood, consider using a standing desk. These upgrades don’t need to break the bank, either. You can inherit furniture from friends or colleagues that are moving, or check out some secondhand furniture shops.

4. Custom Vinyl Lettering and Numbering

If you have a glass window or door, add a personal touch to it with custom vinyl lettering. This is a budget-friendly way to make your space friendlier and more relaxing. For example, create decals of snippets of inspirational quotes or poems. Vinyl looks beautiful on glass and walls alike, making them a perfect option to add that professional yet creative flair to your workspace. This will help you feel more at home, and it breathes fresh life into your everyday office space.

5. Clean Up

There’s a reason that tidying up and organizing are all the rage these days. Cleaning and compartmentalizing your space can put your mind at ease. Go through all your drawers and files to sort out things you no longer need. Use drawer organizers for your filing cabinets to easily find what you are looking for. Keep your desk clear of any extra items that you don’t use every day. Lastly, give your office a thorough cleaning with some natural cleansing wipes, a duster, and a strong vacuum. You’d be surprised how much more a clean, well-ordered space can add to your levels of comfort and productivity.

Devoting a little bit of time and effort to your office can go a long way. With just a few simple touches to add comfort to your workspace, you’ll be on your way to increased comfort, happiness, and productivity in no time.

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