Instagram has indeed evolved as one of the most famous social media platforms! Brands and small business firms can share their service/product updates, videos, and photos here. Other than business owners and eCommerce brands, Instagram also gets widely used by social influencers. The platform is easy to use and comes loaded with interesting features. It is one of the best social networking channels; that’s perfect for image blogging for social influencers.

Most social influencers and entrepreneurs today have their WordPress blog site! And it’s a smart call to integrate both. You can always join hands with companies that allow you to buy 20 Instagram likes and more, based on your needs. But it is equally essential to embed your Instagram feed on your WordPress site to keep your follower’s updates. The smart way to get it done is through advanced plug-ins.

There are multiple Instagram WordPress feed plug-ins to opt-in for! The best for social influencers include:

WP Instagram Widget

Using this smart plug-in, you can showcase the latest pictures from your Instagram profile. Social influencers don’t need to worry much about API configuration, because its user-friendly. Once you install this plug-in, you simply need to enter the Instagram username along with the posts that you want to showcase. After this, the plug-in effectively manages the complete system to generate an apt WordPress theme, for you to edit it anytime. The best features include:

  • It is easy to customize and set-up.
  • Makes use of simple and sensible mark-up.
  • Needs slightly hand-holding in the set-up.
  • The cache filters get offered whenever possible for managing the cache timings.
  • The plug-in doesn’t have CSS/style, so can you add the style depending on your preference.

Feed Them Social

The Feed Them Social is a popular social media plug-in that allows you to generate social feeds for businesses, families, celebrities, and yourself. This plug-in works for multiple social media websites and also for WordPress. Furthermore, this plug-in is accurate for tablets, desktops, and other mobile equipment. That’s what has contributed to its immense popularity. The social influencers can leverage the customization features. Few other relevant features include the following:

  • The installation process is simple.
  • The shortcodes needed for the feeds can get generated simply using a shortcode generator.
  • The social feeds can also get showcased on any sidebar, page, or post.
  • You can like or add buttons below or atop any feed.
  • Social influencers can add in as many social feeds they want.

GS Instagram Portfolio

It is one of the popular and responsive Instagram WordPress Portfolio plug-ins that gets used for showcasing your Instagram posts. Also, this tool enables you to showcase the images anywhere you want on the WordPress website. Furthermore, the plug-in includes all the required options and multiple themes for beautifully displaying Instagram posts. Some of the best features of this plug-in are:

  • You can customize the CSS.
  • You can showcase the posts based on the tags.
  • It works with almost any WordPress theme and is easily customizable.
  • It helps to showcase the posts based on the tags.
  • Here you have multiple column choices available.
  • It allows you the capacity to draw in a recent post from any Instagram user.

Instagram Gallery

Using the Instagram Gallery, social influencers and entrepreneurs can showcase the Instagram images in their business WordPress website. You can showcase the images through the Instagram Carousel Slider or the Gallery. You don’t have to manage any API configuration. Simply, add the tag name and go ahead with the setting configuration. And in just a few clicks, you can add and see the Instagram images on the WordPress site. Some of the crucial features of the plug-in are:

  • It is compatible with WordPress 3.0+.
  • It doesn’t create any conflict with any other social media plug-ins.
  • You can display the image gallery using the user ID, username, or hashtag.
  • It comes with easy integration and is simple to use.
  • There are six various gallery layouts with dark and light color themes.

It’s a known fact that Instagram is one of the leading, interactive, and creative social media channels. It enables you to impact your users and target users to a great extent using the best features that this social media channel boasts of. However, when you also own a WordPress blog or company site, the plug-ins mentioned above will offer you with complete ease and flexibility regarding showcasing the Instagram photos and feeds. The plug-ins help you to unleash your creative side as well. When you finally link your WordPress website to Instagram, using these plug-ins, you enjoy enhanced visibility. And soon, the audience will notice your website and compare it with others. And this is good because it means your brand is getting noted and is also talked about.

The new-age business domain is competitive, and hence you need to use the best digital tools. The plug-ins mentioned above will help social media influencers’ reach their customers effectively and engage them with their content.

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