There has been plenty of news about cloud technologies on gaming-related websites in the past few years. Though we’ve been talking about cloud gaming for a long time, many people still don’t know all the benefits it offers. Online game streaming is a perfect solution for those who want to play the latest AAA games on their outdated PCs, laptops, or any other low-end devices. Cloud gaming can help you forget about hardware upgrades, downloads, and wasted money. Basically, you run your games on a powerful remote gaming rig and watch a video of gameplay on your computer.

Google, Nvidia, Sony, etc. have started massive marketing campaigns to promote their products. That’s why a lot of gamers are not aware of other solutions out there. One of them is Boosteroid. This cloud service is well-known to gamers across Eastern and Central Europe. The platform tries to deliver the best gaming experience, even being in beta. Official sources report that Boosteroid will cover Northern America and Western Europe in 2020. With 1 million gamers this platform is now entering top-3 cloud gaming providers in Europe.

Cloud gaming at its best

Many gamers are still not ready for cloud technologies. Today the most common problems are high latency, drops, and low-speed Internet connection. However, if these are not the issues you deal with, you can easily switch for cloud gaming and enjoy it to the fullest on a daily basis. Currently, the average limit is about 15 Mbps both upload and download, and you are likely not to enjoy your cloud gaming experience if your Internet connection speed is below this mark. However, there’s one cutting-edge solution introduced by Boosteroid. The platform has its custom technology based on bitrate stabilization. If your connection drops, the stream will lose some image quality to make it easier for the signal to carry on. This is very important when it comes to choosing between lags and minor image quality reduction.

On the other hand, Boosteroid operates only in browsers, providing web-based access to games in Chrome and Opera. And there is no technology that can protect you from packet loss. So how do you fix this? Unfortunately, there is no solution. Boosteroid is working on its app that will solve this issue. This will provide users with the opportunity to run games with perfect stability.

Boosteroid cooperates with other hardware companies to deliver the latest cloud technologies. We are talking about Intel, Asus, Huawei, etc. This definitely leaves a mark on the user experience. These companies are hardware and telecom market leaders and with their support, we can get as comfortable cloud gaming experience as possible.

Money talks

One of the most important benefits of cloud gaming is that you don’t have to buy new hardware. What does it mean? There’s no need to pay for PC components and upgrade them every few years. You can buy a one-year subscription on Boosteroid for €49.89 which equals €4.16 per month. GeForce NOW charges $5 per month but it has lost the majority of the latest AAA titles over the past few months. So here is the conclusion: always check cloud services for your favorite games.

You may wonder if Boosteroid provides an option to try cloud gaming for free. Well, no. Free access may become available in the future. 1 hour of cloud gaming free of charge is currently provided by GeForce NOW, however, users should stay in a line to get access to the platform and it often comes to waiting 15 minutes or more.

Enter the future now

Boosteroid is obviously not the only cloud gaming service you can try. However, innovative technical solutions make this platform one of the most advanced. So let’s take a look at what you’ll get if you decide to go cloud with Boosteroid:

  • bitrate stabilization technology
  • browser-based access to games
  • access to games at any time and in any place
  • one of the cheapest subscriptions on the market

At the same time, you’ll have to face a packet loss issue if your Internet connection isn’t stable enough. Besides, Boosteroid is currently available only in Eastern and Central Europe. Anyway, this cloud gaming provider seems to be rather promising. The industry is changing and it will be different in the near future. Be one step ahead, try this technology and who knows, maybe it will make your life better already today.

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