With the shift to a hybrid work environment, our workplace is changing. The hybrid work model introduces a balanced workplace based on flexibility. However, this has not changed our attitude towards meeting rooms at work.

Since 2020,  the number of meetings per employee in organizations worldwide has increased by 12.9%. Whether brainstorming, making important decisions, or collaborating with colleagues, meetings are still essential office activities.

Meetings are now essential to maintain a hybrid environment where employees are spread across multiple locations

According to a Gensler survey, more than 50% of employees admit meetings are a significant motivation for returning to the office. There is no doubt that the conference room will become a shared space for collaboration.

This has inspired workspace managers to optimize meeting rooms. It is crucial to understand that real estate optimization is a challenge in the hybrid workplace. Space management has become a legit criterion.

Given the importance of meetings, meeting room management is necessary.

So, what is a meeting room booking system? And how can companies implement it seamlessly? Keep reading this article to learn more.

What is a Meeting room booking system?

A meeting room booking software allows your employee to book meeting rooms, reserve necessary amenities, automate post-meeting cleanup. It helps schedule meetings, prevent double bookings.

Automated meeting room management software takes the guesswork out of room management and streamlines the reservation process.

Facilities managers can gain insight into the use and utilization of various meeting rooms. Meeting room reservation software helps you optimize your office space booking.

Advantages of a meeting room scheduling solution

Now let us take a look at the three advantages of the meeting room booking system.

Increases space efficiency in the hybrid workplace

As mentioned earlier, wasted space can be a productivity killer. With a meeting room booking system, facility managers can know how the space is being utilized. This can further help them optimize the office space.

A meeting room booking system provides real-time insight, which can be instrumental in saving space while providing excellent transparency. Meeting room booking systems can help facility managers be more precise when designing their hybrid workspace.

If a facilities manager sees that employees book entire meeting rooms to work alone, they can create more hot desks. This will free larger team meeting spaces, ultimately optimizing the place.

Improves employee productivity

Meeting room booking systems can help resolve conflicts such as duplicate rooms or poorly communicated meeting locations. With this type of user-friendly mobile device, employees can see available meeting rooms, eliminating confusion.

Meeting room reservation systems increase efficiency by eliminating wasted time or space.

For example, the marketing team reserved a meeting room for their meeting. The meeting was canceled, and the room was never released into the system. The sales team could not use the room because it is shown as occupied at the time of booking.

Using a meeting room reservation system frees up space if no one logs in after a set time. Meeting room software ensures accurate information, increasing productivity.

Increased cost-efficiency

A Steelcase report showed that 40% of employees spend up to 30 minutes a day searching for meeting rooms. With this wastage of time, a business can lose up to $1,800 per employee.

In a hybrid workplace, this can lead to a lot of confusion. Moreover, the concept of a hybrid workplace revolves around being efficient. Therefore, the transparency of meeting room booking is essential.

A meeting room booking system reduces costs and steps in the booking process. When you leverage the full capability of your meeting room reservation system, you will see an improvement in your organization. Be it in terms of space, costs, or employee productivity.

How to implement a meeting room booking system?

Collaboration, productivity, and space utilization are the three pillars of a hybrid workplace. The meeting room booking solution must ensure that all three conditions are met. To implement a similar booking solution in your organization, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure it fits your organization’s requirements

A meeting room booking solution should offer everything you are looking for. Before implementation, ensure that all the required features are available. For instance, advance booking should be a feature that every solution should offer.

Meetings are monumental for collaboration in a hybrid workplace. However, too many meetings can result in wasting employees` time.

So, a meeting room booking system should offer real-time data to show utilization. Or make sure the meeting room reservation process is optimized.

Making these changes after completing the software implementation can be confusing. So, make sure all requirements are met before implementing the software.

  1. Plan training sessions before scheduling a rollout 

To get employees used to the meeting room booking solution, it is essential to train them well. Facility Managers can hold face-to-face sessions or provide instructional videos to staff. This will help employees get used to the new solution.

You can also provide video tutorials on how to use the meeting room booking software for all your employees. These types of videos work best for hybrid environments.

Managers can also share relevant emails containing features, use cases, and more. They can also compose an email outlining the implementation plan along with a manageable schedule.

To Conclude

In a hybrid workplace, a meeting room booking solution can change the way organizations collaborate and use their workspaces. It can also help ensure employee safety and productivity.

WorkInSync is a leader in the hybrid workspace. Our extensive array of features ensures to provide you with the right tools.

Our meeting room booking solution outlines various features that help optimize your space. Our solution can be easily integrated with Outlook and Google calendars. You can opt for a demo today and get a detailed walkthrough.

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