Weather is changing, and knowing how to care for your cat at this time requires extra thought. Every child wants a cat, but neither the toddlers nor the adults are prepared to shoulder the duties of having a cat.

Responsible pet owners may assist their cats in getting through the terrible times they go through in good health by taking some simple measures and paying attention to their four-legged friend’s requirements. One can buy cat supplies at PETstock. Some essential steps to take care of furry friends are-


Give your pet more food in the winter than you do in the summer. Cats, for example, may require up to 25% more energy in the winter than in the summer, particularly if they exercise outside. Pets need additional food since exercising outside in the cold requires more energy.

Make sure they’re getting enough energy and a well-balanced diet. Please be aware that cats are more likely to acquire weight during the winter months. Overweight pets are more likely to get injured or become unwell than pets who maintain a healthy weight.

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Make sure you’re giving your pet a proper diet and following some easy indoor tips to keep them fit and healthy this season.

Most pets will not exercise on their own. However, they may play with another pet or family member or amuse themselves with toys for a short while. As a result, it is our responsibility to assist them in keeping their jobs by boosting home activities. Take brief walks with your cat during periods of inclement weather. Even a few minutes of physical activity can make an impact.

Dry Cleaning

Don’t forget about pet grooming. Your cat is unlikely to get too dirty in the winter, so bathing them too often is not needed. However, if you do, it’s critical to keep them warm after the shower.

Dry them with a towel or a decent drier, and don’t allow them to go outdoors until they’re completely dry. Rather than washing them in water, consider ‘dry’ bathing them with cornstarch or baby powder.

Hair shedding

Hair loss is a prevalent complaint among cats. Photoperiod (light intensity) is the most important element that influences diet, genetics, and health in cats, and it can cause them to shed excessively during certain seasons.

Cats shed their summer coats in the winter and gain a lovely thick winter coat. There is nothing that can be done to stop this from happening. However, we recommend having your cat evaluated by a veterinarian to rule out parasites such as fleas, ticks, mange, or allergies, hormonal imbalances, bacterial or yeast infections, and other reasons for hair loss.

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Exposure to Extreme Weather

If you reside in a region where snowfall is prevalent, cats exposed to extreme wet and cold weather conditions may become hypothermic or possibly get frostbite. As a result, it’s a good idea to check for draughts near your loved one’s resting space.

During the winter, cat owners can choose from a variety of bedding choices for their pets, including pads, blankets, or quilts, as well as straw or hay. A thick blanket can also be added to the bed by the pet parent. This will not only give more warmth but will also provide additional cushioning for sore joints.

The big chill

Don’t leave your pet outside for too long since hypothermia (low body temperature) can be fatal. Small pets, elderly cats and cats, and short-haired cats should not be taken outside if the wind chill index is below 20 degrees. If you want to take them out, outfit them in a knit sweater. This will assist them in combating the chill.

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As a result, it is possible to conclude that owning a cat might signify various things. Some people want a cat to snuggle and sit on its laps, while others are content to live with a highly independent cat who spends most of its time outside and does not require a lot of human connection.

Regardless of people’s preferences, the suggestions provided above will be applicable in almost all instances and will assist you in doing what is necessary for your furry companion.

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